There are many places that a person could choose to go on vacation. One of the best locations to go to for this type of event is the Galapagos Islands. They have a rich history of providing quality vacations to people who go there. Most people have heard of these islands through the work of Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was a scientist who worked on these islands during a period of his life in which he was creating the theory of evolution. This theory was formulated on the basis that the finches which call the island home have modifications to them making them perfectly suited for specific environments on the islands.

Visiting the islands can happen in any number of ways. You can get there from some of the surrounding areas via ferry and through access from some of the locals. Another way to get to the islands is to take a cruise. This is one of the best ways because there is no air travel on the island. Beyond that, it is generally too far for a person to swim even if they wanted to do so. Taking a cruise can be a relaxing way to both see the islands, hear some of the expertise that the people giving the tour have to offer, and to provide an unmatched experience for people who choose to take it.


The islands themselves are in the Pacific Ocean near Ecuador. Near, as it happens, is a relative term. They are about six hundred miles off of the coast of Ecuador but they are owned by that country. The waters that surround the island are part of a biological marine reserve and the island itself is a national park. The population of the island is under thirty thousand. The islands have a huge number of biological species which call it home, most of which cannot be found anywhere else.

The weather on the islands is extremely nice during most of the year. Being located near the equator they do not have to worry about it being too cold during most months of the year and most weather is not an issue. It is extremely hot during certain times of the year though so you should plan your trip accordingly if you are planning to visit the islands. This can be as simple as making sure that you pack the right things and prepare yourself for the heat.

The most common way of getting to the island is by boat. Two of the larger islands allow air travel, but only with private aircraft. Most people opt to use a boat. The two islands that will allow air travel are San Critobal and Baltra. Larger planes are unable to make landings on these two islands and, thus, private travel is the only option. Regardless of your reasons for looking into a Galapagos Islands vacation the islands will offer something which will interest you. Be it biological diversity or a friendly local population.