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Dry Ports: How They Work

by Brian Klais
Dry Ports: How They Work

Dry ports: the dry parking of the boat

The problem of the scarcity of moorings is often curbed with the installation of new floating docks or with the recovery of unused commercial or military ports. But they are crumbs. Dry ports could be a valid alternative that is still underused . The term dry port means a receptive structure in which the boats are parked for an agreed time on the mainland where they are placed in special reservoirs inside equipped yards or modular structures placed on different floors Patterson Lakes Marina.

The dry port therefore only needs a slipway or a slipway obtained in a stretch of water protected by the open sea where the launching and hauling operations can be carried out safely and allow the boats to stop waiting for their turn.

What are the advantages of dry port?

The advantages that can be obtained with this type of mooring are not few and to gain it is the minor boating, the one that is unjustly evicted by private marinas and often mistreated in public ones. The first advantage for the yachtsman is precisely on the prices that in dry ports are lower than in traditional marinas, thus reducing one of the items that most affect management costs. The boats can then be easily stored even indoors, under special canopies or inside sheds. This means keeping them completely protected from bad weather and storms with a consequent reduction in damage and wear to which a boat in the water is normally subjected.

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Of course it could be objected that the choice of leaving the boat in the dry is suitable for those who do not use it frequently but we are still talking about most of the boaters. The majority of boats sail only for a short period of the year.

Dry boat storage

Pull dry the boat decreases the risk of osmosis , prevents the formation of moisture inside, reduces the risks associated with storm surges and facilitates the operations of cleaning and maintenance .

As it is easy to guess, however, it will not be possible to use the boat in the winter and it is necessary to take the utmost care in putting it back into the water, to avoid damaging the hull and all maintenance interventions carried out. Dry cleaning undoubtedly allows any interventions to be carried out more effectively and precisely. For all maintenance or repair work , both on site and at our headquarters, rely on the impeccable and quality work of our craftsmen, who, with experience and competence, have been pursuing excellence in luxury yachting.

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