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Bangalore – A Good Look Into The Pros And Cons Of The City

by Brian Klais

All that glitters is not gold, and as celebrated and extravagant the city of Bangalore looks from the outside, the city also fights its own demons. Delhi to Bangalore flights price fluctuate up and down on an hourly basis, and if you can get yourself a good deal, make your way to the city after being equipped with this list of pros and cons of the city this article talks about.

Bangalore is one of the most celebrated cities in the whole world. The city is looked up with high regard but nothing is perfect in this world, and Bangalore also has its shortcomings. As you look up for the Delhi to Bangalore flights price to gear up for your trip to the IT capital of India, here are some pros and cons you need to know about the city before you venture into it.


  • The Climate – Bangalore has one of the most favourable climate anywhere in the whole country, regardless of it being a city or town. This gives the city an edge over the other major cities as most of them remain scorching hot during summers even reaching upto 50 degree celsius during peak summers. The highest temperature you can expect during peak summers in Bangalore is a mere 30 degree celsius, which, also happens mostly during the months of April as the peak summers months of July and August are met with light rains.
  • Pubs and Restaurants – Whether it is a mug of chilled beer or a nice glass of scotch on the rocks or a nice proper dinner at a fine dining restaurant you crave for, Bangalore has the answer to it all, and the choices are plenty to choose from. Places like Brigade Road, Koramangala 5th block and Indira Nagar are dotted with some of the best bar, pubs and cafes serving all kinds of alcohol with tasty light snacks. In these same places, you will find side by side along all those places, renowned restaurants specialized in cuisines from all over the world. With money in your pocket, you will never have to complain about good food and good drinks while in Bangalore.
  • Shopping – Bangalore has a portion of some of the best malls India has to offer. It is a known fact that it possibly has every leading brands and designer outlets in the country, some of which have not even set up shop anywhere else in India. From the extravagant larger than life shopping malls to the unending stretch of street markets in areas like commercial street, shopping is an absolute delight in this city.
  • Homely ambience – Koramangala is one of the best places to stay in Bangalore. The area is maintained by a Koramangala club and the streets of this residential area is swept clean everyday. The vast greeneries spread across the city also makes it feel less like a metropolitan city and more like a homely town, making it a very welcoming place to live in.



  • Small roads and bad traffic – Unlike Mumbai and Delhi, the roads in Bangalore are surprisingly narrow, the root cause for the unending lines of traffic jams in the each each and everyday. The state of traffic has gone so out of hand that the citizens even collectively pledged a petition to the Government to look after the matter with immediate effect but there is still no respite in the state of traffic of the city.
  • Nightlife – Bangalore has a good line of exciting nightclubs, but the problem with the nightlife in the city is the deadline. Up until 3 years back, the deadline for Bangalore pubs were 10 p.m! By 9:30 pm the DJ asks for a last song requests, waiters start asking for the last order and by 10 p.m, the cops start entering the club forcing the owners to shut down. There is not much respite still, as the deadline has been extended by only an hour to 11 p.m, however the weekends are now extended to 1 a.m., which, still is not quite enough.
  • Cleanliness – Bangalore definitely does not make it anywhere the top cleanest cities in the country as you can easily spot piles of garbage laid in the open in most parts of the city. While the municipality is to blame, it is the public too who dispose of their trash cans wherever they please, and unless that trend stops, the city can never be clean.

Transport – Bangalore has the worst local transport compared to any major cities in India. Metro only touches one small part of the city and mostly in the outskirts, buses are unpredictable and frankly quite expensive and even worst ate the auto rickshaws who refuse to travel by meter and charge also double of what the actual cost would be and refuse to go if the demand is not met and quickly speaks in Kannada to the other nearby autodrivers which will result you standing in the middle of nowhere and finally give in to the demands as you would have no choice.

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