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Canada’s View on Terrorism and Immigration 2017

by Brian Klais
Canada’s View on Terrorism

Canada has always had an open-door policy and a very successful refugee strategy and little tolerance for terror. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, continuously shows support for those who are running scared, fearing prosecution or worse from the ban placed on them by US President Donald Trump. Trudeau states that Canada’s strength lies in its diversity.

Canada has always been proud of their nation’s tolerance of immigration and seemingly lack of terrorism and racism in a world where most other countries are hostile and outraged by the mere thought. Canada had welcomed over thirty thousand Syrian refugees in a three-month span.

During the same three-month span, the United States welcomed over two hundred and twenty-five thousand Syrian refugees, but with seemingly more complicated and dramatic results. That was until a mass mosque shooting took place.


After the mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City by a far right grouped college student, Alexandre Bissonnette, the Canadian government rallied and held fast to their stance that they are loyal and believers in diversity of all religions. Before this moment, Canada stood steadfast and proud, in their tolerance and lack of terrorism.

Canada’s View on Terrorism

Growing Issues

There seems to be a growing issue in Canada, especially in more French speaking corners, of hatred and extremism towards Muslims. Canada is also facing huge transitions in terms of not being accustomed to mass killings and acts of terror. Some Canadian officials feel that it was a terror attack not just one Muslims but on the culture and society of Canada itself.

Could a Shift Happen?

Canada has always had very tolerant and diverse views on immigration and terrorism that do not echo that of the United States. Now that the Canadian people and officials are starting to see extreme negative results of violence due to their free to come in immigration policies, will there be a shift in viewpoints?

Fear of Islam

The fear of Islam seems to be ramping up within the Canadian borders, and it seems to be a direct result of the terror attacks on France and London, among others, and the media outcries of Islam as the cause. For a nation in transition, it will be more difficult to measure terror threats and monitor immigration possibly blowing apart the societal fabric that has been intact for so long.

There has been a growing far-right intolerance for Islam and Muslims in Canada, but this was the first mass killing on their soil. It remains to be seen how Canadian officials will react and if they are steadfast in their diversity or close their borders.

Of course, none of this should discourage you from travelling to this amazing country. With stunning landscapes and diverse cities, coupled with more and more regular cheap flights, Canada is a country you should definitely visit.


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