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Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the Hill Station Nainital

by Brian Klais
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The unequalled natural beauty of Nainital is more than fascinating. Nestled in the lap of Kumaon range of the Himalayas, the city of Nainital is a true nature-lover’s retreat in every sense. The scenic beauty, coupled with the picturesque lakes, the temples, the bungalows of the British era and soothing climate- Nainital is a perfect weekend getaway for all the people out there who adore hills and are fond of breathing refreshing air of a pollution free city.

best resort in Nainital

Over the years, Nainital has become a major tourist hob for people across the globe. Still you wouldn’t realize the pinch of the crowd here because the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this city will make you startled. You can look for the best resort in Nainital or check into the normal hotel, choice is yours. Here are some of the tips for the travel bug like you regarding this divine city. Keep reading.

  • People from nearby cities like Delhi, Punjab and many other places come rushing to this place because of the abundant natural beauty this city offers. Many high-end Bollywood films have been shot here. Check out the peaks of Kumaon Himalaya that surround this city. Hemmed by the beautiful Naini Lake, this city has many natural hot water springs. The best part of Nainital is you can watch the golden sun setting behind the snow-capped mountains and creating a divine aura that creates an ethereal beauty.
  • The Naini Lake divides the city into two parts-Tallital and Mallital. While exploring the city, look out for the buildings and churches that were built by the erstwhile British rulers. The city used to be the summer retreat of the former rulers of India. Therefore, you would find out churches, old buildings and many other relics that boast of Indo-European architectural style. These buildings and churches create a vintage feeling inside the city which is much sought after amongst the tourists. The picturesque little bungalows surrounded by hedge rows situated in a secluded location create a charming scenario. Even a simple stroll around the city could give you the peace and serenity, a true respite from all the shackles of your urban life.
  • Check out the vantage points like Snow View Point, Tiffin Top, Land’s End, Eco Cave Garden, Nanda Devi Temple, Gurney House and many other prominent locations of Nainital. These points will make you witness the spectacular view of the Himalayas as well as a panoramic view of the whole valley of the city of Nainital. If possible, go for the other two sister cities- Ranikhet and Almora for sight-seeing. You will have a lifetime experience, believe us!

Nainital is a nature lover’s paradise. The more than beautiful deodar woods, the soothing climate, the old churches, pine trees and the festivals that take place in this valley are something indescribable in words. The scenic beauty make mere words fall short. So, don’t wait up anymore, book your hotel in Nainital 5 star and let your dream come true with this city!

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