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Now Is the Time to Holiday and Own a Part of a Unique Resort

by Brian Klais

If you want to plan a unique holiday experience, then you need to find that place in the world that is as quiet as it is idyllic. That place can be found in Indonesia at Cemara Beach. The shore is located at the southernmost point of Lombok, an island paradise that is part of a chain of islands that is known as the Lesser Sunda. The resort of Lombok lies just east of Bali and is located within West Nusa Tenggara, an Indonesian province.

A Direct Escape


Regardless of its geography, this is one of those faraway islands that is both romantic and unforgettable—one of the last places in the world today where you can truly escape. However, that being said, it is also easy for you to travel here. You can reach Lombok and Cemara Beach from just about anywhere. You can take a flight out of the UK, the European Union, the Middle East, China, Hong Kong or India—all offer direct flights to the isle.

The locale also offers an opportunity for investors to obtain a fractional interest in the island’s real estate. The recent completion of an international airport in nearby Praya and expanded government investments in utilities, telecommunications and roadways all mean that Lombok is slated to experience one of the greatest development booms in Southeast Asian history.

Timing Is Everything

In fact, Lombok is poised to take centre stage as the next investment and tourism hot spot in the area. Land prices, located in the more attractive locations of the Lombok resort, are already showing an annual increase of 100%. Whilst the prices are still competitive, there is little doubt that now is the time to invest in this part of the planet.

With a resort lifestyle that boasts superior design and services as well as a variety of hassle-free ownership models, you can rest assured that the location of Lombok offers the discerning investor a managed supply of assets that will deliver excellent returns.

This resort is ideal for the holiday traveller, then, as well as anyone who is interested in investing. So if you want to own—or just visit—a luxury resort property, you can find it here. Here in Lombok, the ownership structure enables the investor to invest in a property that meets with the profile of most financial connoisseurs.

Even people who want to minimise their expenses and responsibilities can find a suitable investment arrangement. Therefore, you can invest in a villa, for instance, without worrying about any blackout periods. Flexible owner-use programmes make investing in this part of the world very attractive.

For example, you can own a villa so that you, your family and your friends will have access to resort amenities. Some friends and family, too, can enjoy your property at a significant discount over the standard rack rates for most resorts.

What makes a paradise a paradise is when you can spend time there and know you are making the most of your time as well as your investment. Lombok is one of these places in the world.

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