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Sapa – The Best Place for Trekking in Vietnam

by Brian Klais

Vietnam has recently become a tourist destination for the tourist from different countries. Places designated is Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. But a vacation to North Vietnam is not complete if we do not visit Sapa (Sa Pa), a mountainous area in northern Vietnam which is not far from the border with China.

Usually, tourists rarely make Sapa as their destination, except those who do like trekking and enjoys exploring nature. Tours are offered in Sapa is trekking. Whether it’s visiting tribal villages of Sapa, waterfalls or climbing Mount Fansipan (the highest mountain in Vietnam). Sapa is not the place for walks in the mall and not a place to buy branded goods

This time, I will share the experience of trekking in Sapa that feels so amazing and unforgettable. Enjoy this article and if you like it, you better immediately visit Sapa and spend your vacation time to enjoy the natural beauty of Sapa.

This trip starts from Hanoi, where I spend the night after arriving in Vietnam. After staying two nights in Hanoi, I am going to Sapa to continue our journey together Trekking Tour which provides convenience for me since I arrived in Vietnam. I am lucky to choose this North Vietnam Trekking Tours for my journey in Sapa, because not only they handle everything for me, but also they always ready when I need them.


I leave around seven in the evening with a vehicle provided by Trekking Tour and along the way I spent to sleep. I woke up at five o’clock in the morning, a trip to Sapa live 2 hours away. I spent the rest of the trip to enjoy the morning drizzle in Vietnam.

Finally, I arrived in Sapa, a small town neat which has a lake in the city center. Old buildings are still maintained and another one that is very interesting, it was very clean city. Nothing seemed rubbish strewn everywhere. The atmosphere is quiet because it was still drizzling and fog still covered the city. When the air was cold enough when it was in July and was not winter, autumn or spring.

After I’m arrived at the hotel I took a shower and rest awhile. After that I had breakfast on the hotel terrace. It was interesting to see so many Hmong women are huddled in front of the hotel. They offer bags, accessories made them and other trinkets. There are also stand huddled together while chatting. Some of them were squatting on the roadside peddling Sapa typical fruits such as peaches are very different from the usual peach authors see. Very interesting.

That day I used to walk towards the village of Cat Cat. The streets were a bit slippery because it is still raining. Along the way, I and the team of trekking tour followed by some Hmong women who offer their wares. The tone of their speech is very beautiful and rhythmic. They seduce us into buying their wares. They continued to follow us up to the counter where tickets purchased weeks to go to the village of Cat Cat. Because we are still tired from the long trip, we decided to go back because that day we did not want to walk too far.


The second day I started trekking. Yes, Finally!!!

I went to the village of Lao Cai and start trekking from there. There I met with a group that uses the same trekking tour with me.

This exciting journey began. Along the way we also followed by some Hmong women. Surprisingly they did not offer their wares. They just follow while occasionally invited to speak.

Suddenly, our guide took us into the footpath. The road was muddy and slippery after the rain the day before. Many tourists who slipped and fell down, including me. The Hmong women have helped us and showed where we had my feet not to slip. They are very agile and very helpful. The view presented so beautifully. The tiredness suddenly disappeared after glanced around. I see the mountains and the green rice field that very beautiful.

After a fairly long walk up and down the hill and across the river, we arrived at a village called Ta Van for lunch. Stall where I ate near the river with views of rice fields and the green hills which were really refreshing my eye. After eating, my journey continues again. I was invited to walk in the rice field.

After that long journey I finally arrived at a village Giang Tai Chai residence of the Red Dao ethnic minorities. The clothes they wear are also black with a variety of accessories but the hats they wear red. Very beautiful. After unwind in the village, we had to go back to Sapa. This time we got back to the car up. This trip is quite tiring but very memorable.

Big thanks to: Vietnam Travel Packages for a comfortable trip to Vietnam and North Vietnam Trekking Tours for an awesome experience in Sapa.


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