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Tips To Explore The Best Of Turkey

by Brian Klais

Turkey is an amazing mix of delicious local cuisine, breathtakingly beautiful coastlines, picturesque fishing villages, magnificent pine-clad mountains, vibrant modern resorts, unbelievably clears turquoise seas, classical ancient sites, amphitheaters, and more importantly, the friendliest people on the planet. This country is full of hospitality and color, and if you are a genuine visitor, it gives you a welcome that you will not receive anywhere in the world. Turkey is a perfect holiday destination for you because it also boasts of excellent accommodation and a superb climate. Hence, if you want to explore the best of this country, you can do so by following a few simple tips.

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  1. What to wear

You should not carry too many clothes from your country. Instead, you should buy them in Turkey because they are cheap especially if you bargain and discuss their prices. Since the sidewalks are usually broken and uneven, and have many unexpected holes, you should be careful when you are walking. If you are a man, you should not wear shorts when visiting a mosque. You will be given a skirt at the door and you will only be allowed to enter after you have donned it. If you are a woman and want to eat in a small local restaurant, it is advisable for you to wear a skirt and avoid wearing pants because the toilets in most of the local places have a “hole” in the floor. You should bring some water shoes because most of the beaches in Turkey are rocky.

  1. Eating and drinking

When you visit Marmaris, you should leave the main road because this will enable you to save a maximum of 40 percent on the prices for eating. The EVITA Bar and Restaurant on 165 Sok offers very good Turkish food at low prices and it has very nice staff. Hence, you should eat there when you are in this beautiful city. You should keep track of the food that you eat and their prices when you are in the restaurants. Use a pocket calculator or paper to prepare your own bill in an obvious manner so that the waiters can see. This will prevent you from being surprised by the real bill that the waiters give you. You should drink bottled water and when you go to the restaurants, you should ensure that the bottles are not open when the waiters bring them to the table. You should not drink the water if the bottles are open. If you want to experience the Turkish drinking/eating behaviors, you should go to a restaurant that has a Turk and eat mezze, small appetizers while drinking Raki. You should eat in huge places, fancy places and tiny places because they offer glorious and superb food.

  1. Places to visit

When you are in Bodrum, you should take a boat trip because it will not only take you to various gorgeous little coves but it is also beautiful and relaxing. You should visit Dalyan – a pension is available on the river that leads to the sea from the lake. On the other side of the beautiful river, you will find ancient tombs that are carved into a mountain. Since the beach is a special nesting area for turtles, you should use a boat to go there during the day.

The aforementioned tips will definitely make your trip to Turkey enjoyable. You should therefore follow them diligently and apply for Turkey Visas for yourself and your family so that you can go and make the most of what this country has to offer.

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