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Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday On The Dubai Marina

by Brian Klais

It is your birthday just around the corner and you know you have to do something great to mark this special day. While birthday cakes, candles, gifts, friends and food are part of the mix you can choose a venue that will make this mix superlative. One such venue is the Dubai Marina.


There are many ways in which you can celebrate your birthday on the Dubai Marina:

  • Book a restaurant.
  • Go on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.
  • Go clubbing.
  • Reserve a space at one of the many hotels in this place and so on.

Clubs and restaurants

Dubai Marina offers many clubs and restaurants that give you spectacular nightlife as well. So if your birthday party invitees love to live it up, then this is one of the best ways in which you can mark a birthday party. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Choose a restaurant according to the cuisine it is known for – Italian, French, Emirati and so on.
  • Go clubbing in a luxury limousine and enjoy the vibrant and dynamic nightlife offered by Dubai Marina.
  • Opt for a lounge that can make for a romantic birthday party for two as well.

Sail your birthday in!

Apart from the many restaurants and hotels that offer you fabulous cuisine, you can also choose a dining experience when you go with a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Of course, apart from the food you also get a very unique venue in which to celebrate your birthday in.

Rocked by the gentle waters of the Dubai Marina, you can take a cruise that will give you spectacular sights, great entertainment and even greater food. Booking a dinner cruise or customizing your birthday party is extremely easy when you opt for a Dhow cruise in Dubai marina.

Theme parks

There are quite a few theme parks that you can check out, especially if it is a birthday party for children. These theme parks offer:

  • Thrilling rides that every child will enjoy.
  • Adventure activities that will delight even adults!
  • An opportunity to get up close and personal with marine life – sharks and rays included!

Considering the fact that the structures are built with a complete focus on your entertainment, you are sure to have a great time here as well.

Watch a movie and go shopping

Another unique opportunity presented by the Dubai Marina is shopping. Unique simply because, you can enjoy the experience of high end shopping in a place such as the Dubai Marina Mall. You can also enjoy discovering the various boutiques that pepper this iconic place.

You are sure to discover a delightful mix of internationally known brands and traditional items as well. If the Dubai Marina Mall is your destination of choice then you can also enjoy the absolutely luxurious experience of reel cinemas.

There is absolutely no doubt that Dubai Marina offers multiple ways in which you can celebrate a birthday. Walking around in the Dubai Marina, opting for a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, enjoying the great food – just some of the ways in which you can make your birthday memorable.

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