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Buy or Rent a Yacht in Miami for a Cheap Price? The Pros and Cons

by Brian Klais

Your son or daughter might need new braces, or a new smartphone. You might need a new car or a new… boat? It is a difficult argument, but it is one of the most important decision boat lovers go through when buying or renting a boat.

If you are having a hard time justifying your purchase of a new boat when there are other important things you need to spend your money on, mortgages, your children’s school spending, and separate family finances.

According to most yacht rental companies in Miami like http://www.rnryachts.com, most people can’t afford to buy a yacht or even a small boat. That is why renting a boat or yacht makes more sense. Here are some pros and cons when you decide to rent a yacht in Miami for a low price.

First reason


Let us start with the most obvious reason – If you decide to rent a boat or yacht, you do not have to sign a lot of paperwork and spend a lot of money purchasing your yacht or boat.


Just like owning a car, even if your initial layout is smaller, eventually, it is still possible to spend a lot of money renting a boat or yacht. It is true if you are going to borrow at least twice or thrice a week. You will also get a maximum resale price for the boar if you maintain it properly. But for people who want to go fishing or taking the high seas every weekend, whether it is spring, summer, or fall, you can save a lot of money if you buy a boat.

Second reason


If you rent a yacht or boat, it will be a smart move for new users or enthusiasts who have not yet decided whether it is within their lifestyle, or if it is the right item to buy, or don't know what kind of boat or yacht suits their needs. Renting will allow you to get a good look or know how it feels to own one.


If you are renting, you will never get the full feeling of owning a boat, since it is not yours. You will care less about what will happen to the boat since you did not invest effort or time in it, and you will have no pride in the ride.

Third reason


You don’t spend money on maintenance. And in most cases, you will not even have to worry about cleaning the boat after using.


Using third-party maintenance company or rental fleets, is sometimes a source of problems for new boat enthusiasts or renters because most of these maintenance company has sub-standard services. If you are renting a yacht, you will have a better chance of getting stranded in the middle of the ocean because of engine break down.

Fourth reason


IF you are renting you can go to different places and go on a new adventure, in unfamiliar waters without making long cruises or trailering.


When you get to your destination, you will have to take what you can get. For example, anglers will be limited to deck boats or bowriders that are not suitable for fishing. People who are fond of doing water sports may have to settle for slower engine boats.

Speedboat enthusiasts might find it hard to accept that rowboats are passing them, not because the vessels are fast, but their ship has little to no acceleration.

Fifth reason


You will never have to deal with emptying the boat head.


You have to drag all your things to and from the yacht or boat, on every trip. It means fishing rods, water skis, coolers, and everything you want to bring in your fishing trip are tightly secured inside the boat. If you have a boat, you can put all your things and leave it on-board until your next fishing trip.

If you are a regular fishing enthusiast, there is a big chance that your gears will break if you always move it from your car to the rented boat, but if you own it, you can secure your gears and leave it until your next trip.

Sixth reason


You do not have to worry about where to put the yacht or boat in the off-season. A lot of neighborhoods Won’t allow owners to keep their boats in their driveway, and storage facilities can be costly. Another thing, if you store your boat in dangerous areas, vandalism and theft can be a big problem. Click here to know how fishing season works.


One of the main issues when renting a yacht or boat is availability. If you wait until the weekend to decide that you would like to rent one the next day, you might find that there will be no available rentable yacht or boat.

We have given all the pros and cons of renting or owning. You have to think hard before deciding on what to do because this kind of luxury is not cheap. Take into consideration

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