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Enjoy a Unique Italian Holiday with a Cycling Tour

by Brian Klais

Italy is a beautiful country. After all, it has a lot to offer—mountains, seaside towns, wineries, and much more. Every year, millions of tourists flock to Italy to take advantage of everything it has to offer. If you wish to visit Italy and are looking for a unique way to tour the area, a cycling tour just might be your best bet. Whether you are inexperienced or a top-notch bicycle rider, these tours offer the opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, and spend time seeing a variety of tourist attractions. Cycling tours are both fun and educational.


Regardless of your experience level, cycle tours are easy and fun. You can take a guided tour that includes a personal guide to answer all of your questions, or an individualized tour with pre-determined, mapped out areas to look at. With these tours, you can spend as much or as little time as you like at each attraction, allowing for a more personalized approach.

Advantages of a Cycling Tour

In addition to exercise and fresh air, cycling holidays in Italy offers the opportunity to visit some of the most popular areas throughout the country. Visit the beautiful Costa Esmeralda in northwest Italy, the many wineries of Tuscany, or the Marche Cycle Resort, which offers a beautiful hotel with a luxurious spa and swimming pool. Wherever you go in Italy, you will find something interesting and beautiful to look at.

Younger riders are also well taken care of in cycling tours, as cycle companies will usually offer add-ons, trailers, or children’s bicycle seats that accommodate cyclists under ten years old. In addition, cycle routes usually include quiet, low-traffic roads or dedicated cycle lanes, so everyone, regardless of their age, will be safe on a cycling tour.

Cycling in Italy

Whether visiting the northwest area of Italy, the southeast part, or any area in between, bicycling through Italy is a one-of-a-kind excursion. Most tours, whether guided or self-guided, last up to seven days, which allows the tourist to take full advantage of everything the area has to offer. Areas in Italy offered for touring include:

  • The southwest coast of Sardinia, offering dunned beaches and a beautiful coastline
  • A Pisa to Florence tour, where you can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the home of Leonardo de Vinci – Lucca
  • Venice, which, with its mostly flat roads, is an exceptionally good tour for beginning riders
  • The Piemonte area, which includes the wine region of Barolo, as well as medieval towns like Saluzzo and Pinerolo
  • Eastern Sicily with its Baroque style monuments and buildings
  • The Umbria area, which includes not only ancient medieval villages and towns, but also beautiful rolling scenery that includes hills and valleys.

Regardless of what you want to see while visiting Italy, a cycle tour will offer the opportunity to visit the attraction at your own pace, in a relaxed manner, so you can take full advantage of everything that particular location has to offer.

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