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Experience the Mediterranean from Kas for a Vacation to Remember

by Brian Klais

Vacationing beside the Mediterranean is a luxurious and relaxing way to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. When it’s time for you to get away in Turkey, there is a beauty and relaxation to be found nowhere else in the world. Come experience all the area has to offer you.

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Exquisite Privacy and Unparalleled Luxury

Escape to a private villa on the exclusive Kas Peninsula. There you will find stunning rentals to meet your every need. In the ancient Lycia region, you will be close to historic sites that are ancient and magical. They are sure to enhance your visit with their timeless beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You will long remember the breath-taking views of not just the Mediterranean Sea but also of the small but picturesque Island of Meis.

There are many villas with supreme luxury and ultimate privacy in mind. Every choice boasts a private swimming pool, stunning views and even Wi-Fi access for your convenience. Fully furnished and providing superior service, your every comfort has been taken into consideration. Many villas boast spacious multi-bedroom floor plans that allow you and your loved ones to reside comfortably throughout your stay. Relax in the comfort of air conditioning inside your residence and when you are ready to float your cares away, your pool is just steps outside the door underneath the warm sun of the Mediterranean. When you rent exclusive holiday villas in Turkey, expect a vacation that will evoke memories for many years to come.

Venture into Town and Explore the Beauty of the Region

Even though your villa is quiet, exclusive and private, you are just a short drive from the breath-taking Kas. Nestled in-between the Taurus Mountains, you will benefit from over three hundred days of temperate weather conditions that bring plenty of sunshine and low humidity. You will be close to swimming platforms that give you access to the warm, unpolluted sea. Your year-round access to Kas boasts an upscale market that offers international appeal. You’ll interact with professionals, writers, artists and members of the yachting fraternity. Explore the two marinas and check out the multiple diving schools that you can choose from to enhance your stay.

The resort of Kas continues to entertain with many restaurants and bars boasting excellent cuisine and atmosphere as well as unique shopping for antiques, jewellery and designer clothing stores. This lovely resort town has a population of eight thousand people and has a thriving business culture that services all of the legal and banking needs in the region. During your exploration, you’ll learn about the local sites such as the hospital, school and highly experienced dentists and doctors.

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There is so much to see and explore during your time in Kas. Beyond the town, you will find many un-spoilt areas of natural beauty and many historic sites to walk among and take in. With a supreme quality of life, your visit to Kas in Turkey is the perfect location to vacation under the warm and welcoming sun.

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