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Having an Event in Seattle with Out-of-State Guests

by Brian Klais

When you’re hosting an event with guests from out of state, you’ll certainly want it to be as special as possible. For this, you’ll need do a variety of things to make this happen—from helping your guests find great accommodations to introducing them to a few local attractions. Once you find the perfect venue and the right vendors for your event, you can help your out-of-town guests to fully enjoy the occasion.

Choosing the Venue

The first thing you’ll need to do when you start planning your event is to select the right venue. You’ll need to base your decision on several different factors, such as the number of guests in attendance, the type of mood you wish to create, and the availability of a venue at the time you plan to hold your event. If the event is in the autumn or winter, you’ll probably want to find an indoor venue. However, if it’s going to be held in the spring or summer, you may decide to host your event in the beautiful Seattle outdoors.


Select the Vendors

The types of vendors you’ll use for your event will vary greatly according to the type of occasion you’ll host. If your event is a business conference, you may require vendors that provide food and beverages – and you might consider hiring a motivational speaker. If you are hosting a formal wedding, you’ll need to be sure that the catering, décor, and floral arrangements are provided by vendors that can help to create an elegant setting. The guests at your event may appreciate some live entertainment, and Seattle is home to a broad range of talented performers.

Accommodations for Your Guests

If you’re assisting your out-of-town guests in finding accommodations, you’ll need to think about an assortment of factors. Business associates may prefer a hotel near the airport, as well as a place close to a variety of restaurants. Family members might want to stay at a quaint bed-and-breakfast near the event venue. If your event is being held at a resort or hotel, your guests might find that staying at the same hotel will be the most convenient choice.

While Your Guests Are in Town

You’ll probably want to make your out-of-town guests feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. If you won’t be that available while they’re in Seattle (such as would be the case if the event is your wedding), you might consider asking or hiring someone else to show your guests the area. Seattle will provide them with plenty of sightseeing opportunities before and after your event. You could suggest that they visit local landmarks, such as Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the Seattle Waterfront, and – of course – the Space Needle.

Planning an event in Seattle can be fun as long as you stay organized and keep your guests in mind. If you’re expecting guests from out of town, you may need to assist them in making their plans, as well. Regardless of the nature of your event, making your guests feel welcomed and comfortable should always be the goal.

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