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The Great Ocean Road is Pretty Great

by Brian Klais

Travelling through Australia is an incredibly fun and fruitful adventure. Whether you’re an Australian looking to see a little more of your country or someone from overseas, there is so much the country has to offer. In fact, many people come to Australia just for the driving, which might seem odd until you see the sights. The views from different roads in Australia are truly incredible. The Great Ocean Road is one such driving destination. It travels over large parts of the country, hugging the coast. It is an incredibly long road with an even longer history. It’s full of the kind of history and majesty that makes Australia so wonderful.

A Brief History

In the early 20th century, the world found itself embroiled in World War I. Australia committed many of its citizens to the war effort. After the war was over, many of them started returning home. They found that they didn’t have jobs or opportunities that they had left behind, because so many other people had to step into the void they had left while they were overseas. To help employ the veterans and create something the country could be truly proud of, construction began on the road in 1919.


About three thousand former soldiers worked on the construction of the road, dedicating the effort to their fallen comrades. That makes the Great Ocean Road the largest war memorial in the world. They worked tirelessly for three years; in 1922, the first section of the road opened up. It was formally finished by about 1932. Some improvements have been made to different areas, but large portions of it are exactly as they were in 1932.

Travelling There

You shouldn’t just book a flight without a plan; the road is long and full of a lot of exciting tourist opportunities. A company that provides tours of the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne will provide you with everything you need to know before you set out.

These tours will help you understand what sorts of attractions you should see while you’re driving. Some of these are simple things like places where the sunset is particularly lovely or rock formations that are quite compelling. They’ll also help you navigate a very old stretch of road. Not every part of the road is in its 1932 condition. Some of it hasn’t been expanded since the road was completed; cars were much smaller and driving was less frequent in those days. Because of that, a few stretches of the road are quite windy and quite narrow. A tour will prepare you for those moments, so you can know what you’re looking forward to.

The road is an incredible part of Australian history and world history. It serves as a reminder of everything Australia sacrificed during WWI and everything the country has to offer. You should make sure you check it out if you get a chance. Be sure to hire someone who can help you decide where to go and when, so that you see as much as possible.


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