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Try out a Yurt for your next Vacation


Many people have heard about yurts and are intrigued by the idea of living in one. However they might be hesitant to look into them further without knowing what to expect. An excellent way to truly get to know more about yurts is to experience living in one first hand. Planning a yurt vacation is a wonderful way to get a feel for yurts and understand what living in one is really like. If you are looking for Yurts for Sale, instead of a Yurt to rent, then you will really want to do your research. There are plenty of books online but I recommend ‘Living in the Round’ by Becky Kemery. A read of this will get you up to date with the realities of Yurt living, and will arm you with a whole array of questions to ask Yurt builders. We recommend having one built in Europe instead of importing them from Mongolia. Imported Mongolian Yurts have a proclivity for rotting in the wet UK weather.

The Exterior

The exterior of a yurt might vary in the material and colour but will always look pretty much the same in the facade. Yurts are a circular tent with a high dome that comes to a peak at the top and centre. The roof is one of the most pleasing aspects of a yurt as it provides an open and airy feeling inside. Most holiday yurts have some form of a deck or patio and some will have steps. A solid door often made of wood, but sometimes made of manmade materials is also included. Some yurts have windows and some do not and windows can vary from wood framed windows with glass to a simple window made of clear acrylic or plastics.


The Interior

The one thing all yurts have in common in the interior is the lovely high domed ceiling. Authentic yurts will have an opening in the top whereas others will have some form of venting. The height of the ceiling provides a spacious feel and usually the walls are about six feet high making it a little tighter on the outside perimeter. From there all similarities might end as each interior will have its own personal touches. Many yurts are made with wooden support beams and these can vary in their design. A traditional yurt will have a trellised wall and often the trellises are used to hang storage bins or affix custom shelving. Beds are usually front and centre in a holiday yurt and depending on the size there may be additional furniture such as sofas, chairs or a dining area. If you are renting an all season yurt the walls will be reinforced often with felt and there will be a wood burning stove that will do an excellent job of providing ample heat during your stay.


Each vacation spot will offer different amenities associated with your personal yurt. Most will have an outdoor cook area such as a barbecue as well as some form of picnic table. This will offer a convenient area for preparing food. If your yurt has electricity you will probably have a fridge indoors and often small appliances such as microwaves or coffee makers/kettles.  Generally speaking you will also have outdoor facilities either shared or your own private outdoor shower and toilet. These are the details of yurt living that will take the most get used to for yurt owners. However if you opt to build your yurt where plumbing and electricity are available you will be able to arrange to have all the comforts of home to make it an easier transition.

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