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4 Komodo Island Secrets to Discover on a Komodo Cruise

by Brian Klais
Komodo Island Secrets

When thinking of a vacation destination, there’s no better location than Komodo Island. You need a place that’s not only breathtaking but also one that’ll help you rediscover yourself.

And that’s what makes Komodo so perfect for you.

The island has a lot of magic and treasure for you to discover. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, honeymoon, or a romantic get-away, it has something for everyone.

So, if you need peace of mind, some bonding time, or even some team-building, it’s perfect.

Cruising is the easiest way to discover this Island. It’ll expose you to so many beautiful sceneries; you might never want to leave!

Nonetheless, here are four secrets you can expect to discover from Komodo Island.

1. Komodo Island isn’t just about the Komodo dragons

Yes, that’s right. So many people hear Komodo and instantly think of the dragons.  I’m not saying that dragons aren’t key features, because they are exciting animals. However, there’s so much more to see and explore from the island.

Komodo Island Secrets

As a matter of fact, most tourists are actually disappointed after they see the dragons.

This is because they anticipate for that moment for a long time that it doesn’t live to their expectations.

Nevertheless, this is no reason for you to avoid visiting these unique creatures. I promise you; you won’t find them anywhere else in the world!

2. The underwater world is amazing!

Komodo Island is popular for its crystal-clear waters in the Komodo national park, and its amazing diving points.

What you might not know is what to expect from the world underwater. It’s simply breathtaking. The park is conveniently located within the Asia Pacific coral triangle, so you’ll get to see more than 250 species of coral reefs in the water.

If you opt to go for a dive, you’ll enjoy swimming with over 1000 species of tropical fish! Amazing, right?

And to top it all off, you’ll get to swim with the giant of the ocean, the manta rays!

If you’re not fond of water sports, you don’t have to worry; there’s still plenty for you to enjoy.

Depending on your Komodo cruise package, you can get a bottom-glassed boat, which will allow you to enjoy this breathtaking under-water phenomenon, without actually leaving the boat.

3. Evenings are just as good

In Komodo Island, your experience never ends, till maybe when you leave the island. And evenings are just but the start of a beautiful vacation.

One of the cool features you can’t miss is the evening sunset. Komodo has the most exquisite sunset you’ll ever seen.

From one of their spectacular viewpoints, you’ll get see the royal sunset as the ocean swallows it into the horizon. You’ll also see the sky colored with patterns of bats as they migrate during sunset.

It’s an incredible view.

Moreover, on most Komodo cruises, the evenings are when the party starts – Dinners under the stars, private beach services, and even candle-light meals.

4. Land activities are amazing

Once you’ve been on a liveaboard cruise for a while, you’ll get to understand that there are even more activities on land.

For instance, you can enjoy a hike over the Padar hills and get the complete sight of actually how beautiful Island is. A stroll along the pink beach is also bound to make you realize what you are missing out on.

There’s also trekking in the Komodo National park, where you get to trek looking for the Komodo dragons.

These activities help you get your mind of the ocean for a while and allow you to embrace the naturally rugged terrain of the island.

Final thoughts

Komodo Island is the one place you can be sure you’ll enjoy when you visit. Unlike what your friends or family have told you about the place, you have to experience it to believe it.

The Komodo island cruise will help you discover so many secret gem. From the amazing Komodo dragons to the Padar hills, to the breathtaking sunset and underwater world.

You can, therefore, expect a lot of adventure on your vacation to this Island!

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