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5 Simple Reminders for a More Enjoyable Visit to Thailand

by Brian Klais

Thailand is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is a country known for its rich culture, friendly locals, and picture-perfect landscapes. Locals and tourists love the delicious local food here. But remember that Thailand is rich in its customs and traditions. That is why travelers need to be aware of what they should and shouldn’t do to ensure that they show respect for Thai culture.

Return a “Wai”

“Wai” is the traditional Thai greeting. This is done by pressing the palms together and then doing a slight bow. Returning the Wai when someone greets you is a polite gesture, especially for locals.

Try the Thai Street Food

Never forget to try street food when visiting Thailand. There are many night markets here that are always packed with both locals and tourists. Try authentic Thai food and local flavors that cannot be found in any other country. Food is great and affordable, especially for tourists who Travel Thailand on a budget. This should be one of the top priorities on what to do when in Thailand.

Dress Appropriately When in Public

This is a Buddhist country so the most visited sites here are the beautiful temples. When visiting these sacred places, dress appropriately and respectfully. Women should avoid wearing anything that reveals the shoulders. On a warm and sunny day, shorts and skirts can be worn as long as they are below the knee and look modest. Also, men should stick to T-shirts and long pants.

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Know When to Take Off the Shoes

It is a custom in Thailand to take off the shoes when entering someone’s home, a temple, or any sacred site. It is believed that the feet are the dirtiest part of the body. And wearing shoes indoors is considered disrespectful. When visiting temples, tourists can find signs where shoes are not permitted to enter.

Show Respect for Buddha Images

Sacred objects should be treated with respect. This includes Buddha statues and images as it is an important part of the Thai religion and culture. Never climb on a Buddha statue. Also, tourists should never turn their backs on Buddha statues as this is an act of disrespect. When traveling with young kids, make sure they understand the importance of respecting the Buddha.

There are so many things to remember when visiting Thailand. Travelers should take the time to do their research and be familiar with the cultural etiquette to show respect to the Thai locals and their culture.

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