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5 Things to Pack on Your Next Trip to Siesta Key

by Brian Klais

Whether you’re planning your first beach getaway or you want to make sure you’re prepared for sunshine and warm weather, you need to know what items to bring. From sunglasses to casual clothes, pack the following five things for your next trip to Siesta Key, Florida.

Sun Protection

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to spend every second on Siesta Key’s white sand beaches or checking out some restaurants and cultural attractions, too. You’ll want to protect yourself from the sun when you’re out and about on the Gulf Coast. Don’t leave home without your favorite pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed sun hat, and some sunscreen. If you run out of sunscreen, don’t hesitate to restock at one of the many beachside kiosks.

Bathing Suit

If you’re planning to spend more than a day on Siesta Key, think about packing more than one bathing suit. After all, you’ll want to let your swimsuit dry out between dips in the gulf, and you may want to wear different swimsuits to Turtle Beach, Crescent Beach, and Siesta Beach. While you’ll definitely want to pack at least one swimsuit, think about adding two or three in your suitcase, especially if the sand is your top relaxation point.

Sandals and Flip-Flops

Try to resist the temptation to bring more than two pairs of shoes on your beach vacation. Not only will they weigh down your suitcase, but a wide selection of shoes also isn’t necessary when you visit beach hotspots such as Siesta Key. Your sneakers will only fill with sand, and you simply won’t need heels. Grab your favorite sandals and some casual flip-flops, and you’ll be ready to go.

Light, Casual Clothing

Siesta Key and other Gulf Coast beach towns are celebrated for their relaxed vibe and casual atmosphere. To fit in, be sure to pack casual clothing in light, neutral colors. Opt for light, breathable fabrics such as linen, or go for less wrinkle-prone fabrics such as cotton and blends. Add a light scarf or pashmina that you can wear in the evening.

If you’re trying to decide between packing too much and packing too little, opt for the latter. Choose tops and bottoms that you can easily mix and match to stretch your outfits further. If you find that you need to wash an item or two, most hotels have washers and dryers.

Travel Essentials

Be sure to leave room for a few travel essentials in your carry-on bag or purse. Along with your photo ID and credit card, pack your electronics chargers and a few snacks. If you opted to book your plane ticket online and look for Siesta Key hotels on Hotel Planner, print out your confirmations before you go. When you do, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips when you get on the plane and when you arrive at the hotel.

Now that you’re packed and ready to go, start counting down the days until your trip starts. You’ll be relaxing on the beach in no time at all.

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