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Batam- The right place to set vacation

by Brian Klais
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Spending the vacation in an island will be interesting. Especially if the island has the best tourist spots and facilities for the tourists, it will be more interesting. People, who are planning to spend their vacation in such an island, can prefer visiting Batam. The other advantage in visiting this island is they are located near to Singapore. Hence the tourists will have more options to spend their vacation in an interesting way. Even though Batam is a small island it is fully enriched with resorts, shopping zones and several other features which can put the tourists into great excitement.

The place to get relaxed

Batam is not only an island this is also the right place to get relaxed. People who are suffering from stress and tension can find the best place to get relaxed in this island. Especially the facilities of the resorts in this region will help the tourists to get rid of the pressure in their mind. The tourists can spend their time here without any constraint. They can book the resorts depending upon the number of days they are interested in spending in Batam. If needed, they can also book the tourist packages in Batam with the help of the best tourist agent in this region. By choosing the tourist packages, they can save their money and can also visit more number of places within short span of time. This is because the agents will make the tourist plan accordingly.

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Exclusive shopping zone

Obviously every tourist will have interest in shopping something exclusive. While considering this factor, Batam will be the right option. This has the most interesting shopping zone. The products here are duty free and hence the tourist can shop all their needs. There are many exclusive quality products which are available for the people of all age group. The tourists can have unlimited fun by visiting the shopping zone here. Even though the price of products here are very cheap, there will not be any constraint in their quality. Even the people visiting Singapore will land here in order to shop their needs. The international brands can also be shopped here at a considerable price.

Transport facilities

The transport facilities are one of the great advantages of this island. They have a well developed transportation medium. This island can be reached by airways or through their waterways. The tourists who need a better excitement in their vacation tend to choose the waterways. Especially the ferry terminals from Singapore to Batam are more famous. Since the distance is also too short, the travelers will not have any problem with the timing. They can reach the destination within one hour. Even though there will be difference in timing in different ferries. Their overall travel time will be less than one hour. Hence without any kind of hesitation, the travelers can make use of the ferries in order to travel from Singapore to Batam. The only thing is they need to book ferry ticket to batam in online.

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