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Experience the best holiday park services

by Brian Klais
Experience the best holiday park services

The holiday season is almost upon us, if not already here! Suppose you are planning on traveling anywhere over the festive period. In that case, the first thing you will need to do is make sure that your caravan or motorhome is properly ‘serviced.’ The majority of self-catering accommodation requires some level of service before it can be used. This will include checking safety items such as gas and carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, etc. It may also involve visual inspections, including general external checks for damage, leaks, etc., but most importantly – a thorough clean inside and out. You don’t want to spend precious time with family or friends wishing you were somewhere else. Your home away from home wasn’t quite as comfortable as you had hoped.

Taupo and the surrounding area offer a boatload of holiday apartment types and styles, but we’re going to focus on five of the most popular ones here.

Lake View – Just as it sounds – your holiday home comes with lake views that you can enjoy through your floor-to-ceiling windows. This is an intelligent option among Taupo holiday homes because so many of them offer such a fantastic holiday park in Lake Taupo.

The rear of Property: These are sometimes called ‘walk out’ apartments. These are perfect for families who want somewhere comfortable without needing too much space. All you need to do is walk down a few steps from your living room and ta-da! You’re outside enjoying all that nature (and maybe some boating action).

Experience the best holiday park services

Waterfront – It doesn’t get more ‘lake side’ than this! Make like you’re in Hawaii, and you never have to leave the water. These holiday homes are right on the lakeshore, perfect for all your aquatic adventures.

Lock Up & Leave – If you want the best of both worlds (the comfort of knowing someone is looking after your apartment while you go gallivanting around town), then this is it! You can lock up your holiday home and enjoy whatever Taupo activity takes your fancy because there will always be someone else there to make sure everything runs smoothly back at base camp when you return.

Luxury/Garden View – For those who really don’t want to miss out on the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, luxury/garden view apartments are a great pick. They’re not facing out onto Lake Taupo itself, but they do offer gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside and garden areas.

Safety items such as carbon monoxide or smoke alarms (replaceable battery type) must be working and easily accessible for testing purposes (if difficult to get to, this must be recorded on the service sheet). It is also good practice to include a thorough external check for general wear and tear. This should involve removing covers such as wheel arches and checking under door seals etc., for any significant signs of wear & tear or damage that may cause severe problems in the future.

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