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Explore A Beautiful Hill Station Of Maharashtra- Lonavala

by Brian Klais

Planning for a refreshing weekend? Visit Lonavala and enjoy the different aspects of the region. Lonavala is a beautiful town of Maharashtra. The pleasant climate and the charming waterfalls will make your trip a memorable one. Here is a brief description of the place.

Lonavala and Khandala are the twin towns. Lonavala is 64 km away from Pune and it is about 96 km from Mumbai. A bit overdeveloped and posh town, Lonavala is a very common place. It is a perfect place for a weekend trip. Located in the Sahyadri Hills, Lonavala offers a wonderful scenic view. It is a place where you can sit back and relax. Deccan plateau on one side and Konkan coast on the other, the hill station has a charming backdrop. Khandala is just 6 km away from Lonavala. There are many waterfalls, dams, caves and forts. You can just have a joyous time by the waterfall or enjoy some adventurous activities like hiking and trekking as well.

It is dreamy hill station and there are some best hotels in Lonavala which will make your stay a memorable one. Lonavala welcomes all its visitors with the open arms. You will get hotels according to your budget and requirements.

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The city adopted its name from a Sanskrit word which means the group of caves. While travelling to Lonavala, you will see people throughout the expressway enjoying the waterfalls. Bushi Dam is a nearby attraction from Lonavala. Just a few kilometres away, Bushi Dam is a popular hangout spot for Mumbaikars and Puneites. During monsoon or when the Bushi Dam overflows, the water flows down the steps and then some rocky terrain. It is a fun combination of water flowing over the steps and rocky terrain. Bushi Dam is the crowd puller. During monsoon, Lonavala has its unique charm. Most of the places you turn, you will witness beautiful small waterfalls. Lion’s viewpoint offers a panoramic and majestic view. It is a memorable walk along the greens and hilly terrain. From this point, you can see a conical hill which is the Shivling peak. The peak looks like a Shivling and it is a prominent landmark of the place. Tiger’s point is another popular spot. Take a zig-zag climb to Logahad Fort. Wrapped in historical past, the fort was used by Chhatrapati Shivaji and other rulers. The fort is in good condition and it is a popular destination near Lonavala. Rajmachi Fort, Ekvira Devi Temple, Pawna Lake, Karla caves, Duke’s nose, etc will make your Lonavala trip a memorable one.

Besides all this popular spots, Lonavala is famous for chikkis. Chikki shops are spread all over the region. Do bring some chikkis back home. It is a perfect place for nature lovers. Lonavala is also a popular honeymoon destination. The beautiful waterfalls, the lush green valleys and the refreshing climate will make your Lonavala trip delightful.

Lonavala and Khandala are easily accessible by road and train both from Mumbai and Pune. If you are travelling from outside the state. First you have to take flight or train to Mumbai or Pune. You can check Delhi to Pune by air and choose your appropriate flight. Trains are available from all the major cities of the country. Lonavala is nearest from Pune. Taxis, cabs and state buses are available from both Pune and Mumbai. Lonavala has its own railway station. The trains in Mumbai Pune railway line take a halt in Lonavala as well. However, the roadways to Lonavala is very charming and a joyous one. The scenic view and the wonderful waterfalls are one of the major attractions.

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