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Five Things You Simply Must Do On a Visit to The Caribbean British Virgin Islands

by Brian Klais

There are dozens of fabulous places to visit and activities to enjoy on a visit to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Here I list my top five all-time favorite activities to enjoy on a BVI chartered yacht vacation.

 Sail down the Sir Francis Drake Channel – BVI

 If you are visiting the BVI’s the one thing that you must do is to sail down the Sir Francis Drake Channel in-between these beautiful islands aboard a sailing yacht.  See the islands Sir Francis Drake would have done back in the 15th Century – they’re stunning!

 Snorkel with Turtles – VLS

Given the number of turtles that reside in the crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands, this is easy to do.  Enjoy watching them graze on the sea grass or swim by, it’s a great experience.

Climb to the disused lighthouse in Culebrita – Spanish Virgin Islands

This is the oldest lighthouse in the Caribbean.  Sadly it is no longer in use, but you can still climb up to the top where the light used to be located and enjoy a stunning view over Culebrita and neighboring island Culebra.

Climb GordaPeake – Virgin Gorda BVI

 This is a great hike to the top of GordaPeake, Virgin Gorda.  Hire a car or get a local taxi to drop you at the roadside to start your assent.  It’s a relatively easy hike of approximately 20 minutes, but you do need hiking shoes or sneakers.  At the top is a lookout station that you can climb to see stunning views stretching over North Sound & Necker Island to the east, Anegada to the north, Tortola and the other islands in the BVI Island chain to the west as far as St John USVI, and look out over South Sound Virgin Gorda to the south.  In a word stunning!  Don’t forget to take your camera.

Relax on a Robinson Crusoe Beach & enjoy a Painkiller – White Bay, Jost Van Dyke (JVD) BVI

The home of the famous Caribbean Cocktail the Painkiller is at the famous beach bar on JVD called the Soggy Dollar Bar.  So named, because prior to the road being built to this tiny bay, you could only arrive by boat.  Due to the swell that curls around the island and into the bay, you have to jump off your launch and wade or swim ashore, thus you’ve got ‘soggy dollars’ when you used to arrive at the bar. The combination of Pussers Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice & coconut milk topped off with some freshly grated nutmeg is delightful!  Now a days you’ve got several beach bars to choose from on this fabulous white sandy beach, One Love is another really popular bar.   Just sit back and chillax!

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