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Motorhome Holidays – Adventure Guaranteed

by Brian Klais

If you and your family are fed up with the annual package holiday and yearn for something a little different, a self-driving holiday might just be what you are looking for. Modern campervans are equipped with everything a family could possibly need, and a little more besides, and having your accommodation and transport combined really does give you an unprecedented level of freedom.

The Unknown Factor

Perhaps one of the main attractions of a self-driving holiday is the uncertainty, which adds a touch of adventure, and setting off into a strange land in a fully equipped motorhome is a recipe for excitement and adventure. Modern solutions make things very convenient, and of your family had decided on Australia next year, there is affordable campervan hire at Sydney Airport, and from there, you can set off on your journey into the unknown.

Self Sufficient

A fully equipped motorhome means you require nothing, and by regularly stocking up with provisions, your fridge-freezer will always be full, and with a fully functional kitchen, you can dine whenever you like. Most campervans also have an awning, which gives you a pleasant outdoor dining area, and if you prefer to be inside, there is a generous sized table and bench seats in the vehicle. The motorhomes are designed with every square inch of space in mind, and you would be surprised to see just how many items are neatly stored away. The hire company representative would spend some time with you, showing you where everything is, and after a quick inspection of the vehicle, you and your family are on your way to an amazing adventure.

Choice of Routes

If Australia is your chosen destination, you really are spoiled for choice. Western Australia is a very popular state, with Perth being the ideal starting point. If you are heading for WA, you simply must sample the local wines in Swan Valley, and with so many other attractions, this region makes for an ideal holiday destination. You might prefer NSW, and with affordable campervan hire at Sydney Airport, you can be on your way in a jiffy. The outback offers some real adventure, and with the right motorhome, you can stay as long as you like. Take heed of signage, especially if you are thinking of having a dip in the local pond, and you should have your wits about you at all times in this region, as there are many creatures that can kill you with either a bite or a sting.

Plan your Route

This is not essential, but it does help, and by asking the camper rental company, you can make an informed decision about what to see and do. They would likely know of places that are off the tourist track, and with some careful planning, you can fit an awful lot into a few weeks.

The open road offers the possibility of real adventure, and as far as families go, this type of holiday is a real bonding experience, as you all learn to live in a uniquely exciting environment. Choosing the right vehicle is essential, and with an online search, you will find the right company that can have your motorhome fuelled up and ready to go when you arrive at the airport.

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