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Pack a Boat and Watch a Whale

by Brian Klais

Whale watching is a very popular sport across the northern parts of America. A whale is a mammal of the ocean, gigantic and majestic in appearance.  As an adventure sport, whale watching has very few parallels. The thrill of a boat ride is only a beginners’ incentive to get addicted to a new world of whale watching. The best part of whale watching lies in its beautiful uncertainty. One never knows exactly when the whale is going to show up from under the water. Yet people indulge in boat rides, only to get surprised by the underwater mammal’s lusty and unpredictable dives.

How to Plan a Whale Watching Trip

If you want to be a part of a popular adventure sport like whale watching, you should probably keep a look out for shows and book your tickets early. If you happen to be in Australia, the best whale watching will be in Sydney.

It requires a lot of patience and perseverance to successfully watch whales in action. Sometimes, due to the unpredictable behaviours of the animals, whale watching can last from three to five hours. Thus, it would be wise to exclude the junior members of your family, or think twice before invite a friend along who tends to get bored rather easily.


Pack substantial food and water with you and keep whale watching in your mind. Choose your tour agency wisely and never indulge in littering the ocean floor. Remember to keep the ocean clean or it will be even more difficult to spot whales. For people with a tendency of getting sea sick, it is advisable to consume food without keeping a gap of at least an hour between the time of snack and the time allotted for the ocean. Before you book a cruise, make sure it comes with a whale watching guarantee. As has been already said, whales are unpredictable creatures. It would be a waste of time and money if you went whale watching only to draw a blank after three hours.

What to Carry when Going for Whale Watching

If you are looking forward to making your memory of whale watching immortal, why not carry a pair of binoculars? Or, if you are tech savvy, you could consider taking a camera along with a lot of space on your memory card. Keep in mind that the deck of the boat will be inadvertently slippery and wet. Remember to wear sneakers or anything that offers your feet friction. Rubber soles for your shoes are highly recommended. Because whale watching is possible only on the open sea, you would do well to carry a sun block, a pair of goggles and a hat to protect your head from the direct heat. It is also important to note that the ocean is a place where strong breezes will blow. For tourists going out on an early morning or late afternoon watch especially, it is wise to keep a poncho or a windbreaker, just in case the weather on the water is chilly.

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