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Reasons Why Corporate Outings is Important for Team Building

by Brian Klais

One of the most effective activities undertaken for team building are Corporate Outings – wherein employees, personnel, and management teams of the organization are involved in an excursion, so as to primarily increase the degree of cohesion between all the members involved. The basic intention of these trips is to let the members of the organization get to know one another by spending time together in a relaxed environment, and form strong bonds.

Corporate Outings do not benefit organizations in a direct way. In fact, they contribute little to the outputs of the company, and are often a source of expense. However, these activities do reward the employees for their hard work, and offer them a chance to unwind, which ultimately results in higher motivation amongst them. This investment is returned by the workers in the form of higher loyalty, boosted morale, and an overall positive attitude towards not only the work place, but also the employers and the bosses. Stronger team cohesion, better understanding, improvement in relations of the co-workers, as well as solutions to any previous misunderstandings are further benefits of such activities. These expeditions also give the company a sense of cultural identity, along with a valuable good reputation within the working class.

Team Outings generally take place in settings such as amusement or water parks, activity camps, resorts, country clubs, forts, lakes, beaches, and basically any outdoor spots where the members can engage in fun and interesting team building tasks, games and sports. Volunteering in NGOs and other organisations is also an option. On the other hand, such team building activities can be conducted indoors as well, in the form of dinner parties, karaoke nights, board game tournaments, etc.

These outings not only improve the team’s bonding, but also go a long way in decreasing their stress – be it work related, or due to other personal factors. Decrease in stress eventually results in better performance at work, and a higher job satisfaction. Furthermore, these events also provide the employees with a social outlet, as members can socialise with one another outside the work environment and form interpersonal relationships.

Results of these activities can be seen in the workplace immediately after these Corporate Outings, with improved interaction between the workers, and an evident improvement in attitudes, productive behaviours, motivation to achieve goals and targets, interest and dedication towards job-related tasks, and overall performance and productivity of the employees.

Apart from the collective benefits, such team building activities have individual advantages as well. For instance, improvement in communication makes each person feel like a valuable member of the group, and a crucial contributor for the company’s overall goals. Taking part in challenging activities during these trips also leads to development in problem-solving skills, and the capability to deal with crises. Sharp rises in creativity are also observed. Moreover, these outings also help break the barrier between workers belonging to different posts, units, and departments, and the gap between leaders and their team members is significantly decreased. Bosses are seen as fellow colleagues instead of untouchable authoritative figures, which conclusively results in a better work environment for one and all.

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