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Relaxing Holidays Begin in Devon

by Brian Klais

Whether you are staying close to home or are on a holiday far from where you live, you will find the county of Devon to be an idyllic location in which to unwind and relax.  At one time, Devon was not so much a destination, but a place you passed through to get to the shore in Cornwall. Now, Devon is a travel hub that features clean and pristine beaches and a variety of wilderness areas where hikers can go birdwatching or get away from it all.

An Idyllic Way to Begin a Day

An idyllic Devon holiday means savouring the simple pleasures in life – breathing in the fresh air, enjoying a bit of exercise and consuming some of the hearty local cuisine. Some tourists start the day with a vigorous trek up an area tor – worth their time as they can enjoy a panoramic view of the moor for their reward. Afterward, a drive to a beach leads to a picnic of foods from a nearby deli or Farmer’s Market.

Devon is an ideal spot to plan a visit to a tea room or a sojourn to a local antique shop. Later in the evening, you might choose to dine at a traditional thatched-roofed inn and relish a serving of Devon lamb, all provided in an atmosphere that is as welcoming as the log fire in the tableside hearth.


Regardless of what you choose to do, you will find relaxation the focus of your holiday. You can also find accommodation at a place that is much more welcoming than a hotel stay. For example, Kingswear Park holiday apartments in Devon make staying in the holiday haven just that much more of a getaway.

From this accommodation, you can plan your holiday itinerary. Bring along your walking stick as you make your way through the wilds of Dartmoor or take a closer inspection of Exmoor’s Valley of the Rocks. The Tamar Trails offer adventure galore, as the network of paths follows the copper mining heritage of this historical enclave.

Devon’s Location

Devon itself is a historic county that forms a part of the Cornish Peninsula of Great Britain and is bordered to the east by Dorset and Somerset. Cornwall sits to its west and the English Channel lies to the south. The Bristol Channel overlooks the land from the north.

Devon is made up of the districts of East Devon, North Devon, Mid Devon, South Hams, Torridge and Teignbridge. West Devon is a borough, and Exeter is a city and the county seat. The county of Devon, geographically, is defined by a wide array of scenery.

Dartmoor features a granite plateau that rises over 600 metres – an incline that is characterised by bracken and heather, coarse grasses and valleys. The crests of the plateau are capped by weathered tors, which overlook the surrounding moor.

Wherever you go in the county, you will find enough scenic diversity to make your trip just that much more memorable and interesting. Whether you go to the beach or travel through the wilds, you will find that a Devon holiday is one that you will embrace.

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