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Six Tips for Saving Money on RV Road Trips

by Brian Klais

Renting an RV to drive across the country is a great way to take a family vacation or spend your retirement. However, it can be expensive depending on the RV you hire and the route you take on your journey. Here are six tips for saving money on an RV trip through the United States.

Attend RV Shows

Many cities have annual RV shows in which manufacturers bring their latest models to show off. As well as the manufacturers, other companies within the industry will have booths at shows to promote their services such as RV rentals. As an attendee of the show, you may be offered special pricing for renting an RV or for staying at RV parks during a trip. Attend one of the shows in your area and gather as much information and as many special offers as you can to use on your RV adventure.

Get a KOA Membership

If you become a member of KOA, which stands for Kampgrounds of America, you will be able to rent space in RV parks for $20 to $30 a night. The camping areas will include the amenities you need to care for your RV including full hookups, sites you can pull up to or back into, and free Wi-Fi, and some sites have accommodations for dogs. There are KOAs located throughout the U.S. and they offer a wide variety of activities for a nominal nightly fee.

Rent Smaller Vehicle

If there are only two or three of you in the party, you can save money by renting a campervan rather than a large RV. A campervan will easily accommodate up to four people but they are really ideal for couples. Campervan rentals are available at most RV rental agencies and can be returned 24 hours a day when you’ve finished the rental period or when you’ve returned home.

One-Way Trips

When an RV rental company needs an RV delivered to another location, they will often offer one-way rentals to customers. The rental fees are usually much lower since your freedom is restricted because the RV has to be delivered on time. The company may waive some fees or offer deep discounts on rental fees when they need an RV delivered quickly to another location.

Forego Hookups

When traveling the U.S., prepare the RV to forego electric hookups for a week. This will allow you to pick camping spots in more remote locations or in parks with fewer amenities for RVs. Before heading out on the road, make sure the vehicle is fully charged but also make sure that there is enough water and reduce your use of electrical appliances such as the television, DVR, and microwave to save energy.

Check Air Pressure

While you’re on the road, have the air pressure of the tires checked to ensure that they are inflated correctly. Over- or under-inflation can reduce the efficiency of the vehicle, which can cost you more at filling stations.

By following these tips, you can save a significant amount of money on RV travel and spend less on your vacation.


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