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The most remarkable things to do in Japan

by Brian Klais
The most remarkable things to do in Japan

Japan is a country filled with history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient ruins or enjoy the stunning views of the country’s majestic mountains, according to Japan Traveller Guide, there are plenty of remarkable things to do in Japan. Here are four of the most extraordinary attractions:

  • Take a trip down to Kyoto to check out some of Japan’s most famous historical sites, like the Mount Kurama observatory and Ginkakuji temple.
  • Tokyo is a bustling city filled with many things to do. Whether you want to visit the Imperial Palace or explore one of the city’s many shopping districts, there are hundreds of places to visit in Tokyo.
  • Japan’s National Parks are a spectacular sight to see. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the Shimanami Kaido or hike through Mount Fuji, there is something for everyone in Japanese National Parks.
  • There are over 1000 museums in Japan, many of them offering free entry.

Things to do in Japan

  1. Sightseeing:Japan is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and historical sights. Some of the most popular tourist destinations include Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Hiroshima. These cities are all incredible, with many places to visit, but there are a handful of other places that should not be missed.
  2. Nature:Japan is a diverse country with mountains, forests, lakes, and coasts. There are many opportunities for nature lovers to enjoy Japan’s natural beauty. Japan is also one of the best places to try authentic Japanese food. The country has a long history with its food and many delicacies not found anywhere else in the world.
  3. Cuisine:Japanese cuisine is renowned for its flavour and variety. Many restaurants in Japan offer traditional dishes and modern fusion cuisine. Many traditional restaurants serve a variety of regional specialities. Many cultures and countries have influenced the cuisine in Japan. The most notable influence is from China, where Japanese food has been adapted to fit the Japanese aesthetic. The influence of Korea and Vietnam on mosdern Japanese cuisine is also noteworthy.
  4. Festivals:Japan is a colorful country, with many festivals and events celebrated throughout the year. The most popular fall under the category of Shinto or Buddhist festivals. Japan has a very extensive and long history, often reflected in the arts. Japanese art was influenced by many cultural and political entities, such as China, Korea and the United States. Japan has a long tradition of art dating back to prehistoric times.


Japan is a fascinating country with a long and rich history. Based on Japan Traveller Guide, There are many things to see and do in Japan, from ancient temples and shrines to modern cities and resorts. Whether you stay for one week or three months, there are many things to see in Japan. This guide will list the ten best places to visit in Japan, from ancient shrines to modern cities.

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