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Travel with Style: European Walking Tours and Skin Tans

by Brian Klais

Getting a tan that is good to the eyes is quite easy, but having a healthy tan is a different story. Many people who are fond of lying under the sun to get tan lines are not aware of the risks they may get from sunbathing. Prolonged exposure to UV rays is scientifically proven to be harmful to the skin as it could result in serious illnesses like skin cancer.

Joining walking tours Europe will surely make your skin tan, most especially if you do it during the sunny months in the region. Now, if you are a fan of tan skin, you will not only enjoy the tour itself but the sun as well. However, there are things you should know about safe tanning, this is to ensure that you will not endanger your skin. There are many ways you could to avoid getting unhealthy tan. Knowing how to tan yourself properly is vital as it could spare you from any skin disease or disorder. The following are some of the tips you may follow to have a safe and healthy tan:

Be conscious of your skin type – If your tanning buddy gets than longer than you do, this does not mean you can do likewise. People have different skin types, which is why you need to be conscious of yours in order to know how long you should stay under the bright sun. If you get tan easily and quickly, you better not stay too long under the sun. To know what skin type you have, it is best to consult with a dermatologist who can give you expert advice regarding tanning.


Use sunscreen – The biggest mistake a person tanning could do is not to use sunscreen. Some people think that when you don’t apply sunscreen on skin while tanning could give them better results. However, the truth is, you only get darker skin faster as you don’t have protection from direct sunlight. Meaning, you are putting yourself at risk when you don’t sunscreen. It is recommended that at least 30 minutes before going under the sun for tanning, apply sunscreen on your skin. If you will stay longer under the sun, say for hours, you would want to reapply sunscreen lotion or solution on your skin once every two hours to get maximum protection from harmful UV rays.

Protect your eyes – Avoid exposing your naked eyes when tanning as it could cause problems on your eyesight. The best way to protect your eyes while remaining fashionable is to wear a pair of sunglasses with UV filter. Exposing your naked eyes to direct sunlight for an hour or two can greatly damage your eyesight and may even cause temporary blindness. Since the last thing you would want is to catch eye issues as a result of tanning, you would want to invest on good pair of sunglasses. Avoid wearing cheap sunglasses as it will not give you the protection your eyes need.

Tan on time – When tanning, it is very important to do it on the right time. Experts suggest tanning anytime from 10 AM to noon as UV rays are lesser during these hours. Avoid going under the sun during the afternoon as sun rays tend to be hotter and more harmful during such time. Hence, it is important to coordinate with your walking tours Europe coordinator to know the schedule and time of the tours. If the walking tour requires you to walk under the sun during the afternoon, you would want to protect your skin by applying sunscreen.

European walking tours are definitely a must try if you are visiting the continent. If you want to get the tan you’ve been wanting for far too long, joining these tours will surely make you and your skin happy.


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