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Why Banyak Islands Is The Perfect Place To Surf?

by Brian Klais

The Banyak Islands is often deemed as the perfect tropical and idyllic oasis that has all the aspects to woo even the pickiest travellers. This cluster of ninety-plus, mostly uninhabited islands can be considered as a hidden Indonesian gem. It is one of the many places in the nation that is ideal for surfers with all levels of surfing skills.

Banyak Islands is often picked by avid travellers and backpackers for one single reason – unadulterated peace. It is the direct result of the region’s underdeveloped tourism. Most people don’t even know this place exists which is why Banyak Islands is still untouched, clean and most importantly free from an influx of eager and noisy crowd.

Surfing has been one of the USPs of tourism in this region which is why several professionals like www.surfbanyak.com have been operating in this region for many years.

How to get here?

Well, one of the easiest ways to get to the Banyak Islands is to get in touch with a leading surf charter service provider. These service providers fly their guests to an island called Nias from where they can either hire a car or charter a surfing vessel and head on over to the Banyak Islands.

How many islands are there in the Banyak Cluster?

To be specific, there are 95 islands in the Banyak group of islands. Among the lot, about 50 islands are considered to be paradise-like since they are bestowed with tropical jungles, sandy white beaches, and of course palm trees. Most of these are completely devoid of human settlement – meaning they are clean, fresh and offers a lot of privacy to travellers.

Most of these islands are surrounded by coral reefs which makes them snorkelling and diving hotspots. But if you are an avid surfer, it is best to go for an island that is not surrounded by coral reef since coral reef break incoming swells. In simple terms, you won’t have waves large enough to surf.

Go for either Bangkaru or Tuangku islands if you want to catch the big waves and surf as you have never surfed before!

A little more about the Banyak Islands that make it the perfect holiday destination

Have you ever watched the film Cast Away starring Tom Hanks? Well, we are not going to delve into the subject of the film but simply into the idea of having a whole tropical island to yourself! Sounds fun right? Well, it is since you will have the company of your loved ones, white sand beaches, clear waters and obviously the thick shade of palm trees.

If this was not magical enough then you’d need to come over to Banyak Islands to see for yourself. The Banyak Islands is a collection of more than 90 uninhabited islands that are located on the Singkil’s west, at a distance of mere 30 kilometres.

It is fair to say that these are remote islands where the so-called advancements of civilization are yet to reach. This is reason enough for you to come over here for backpacking, camping or simply surfing vacation and have the time of your life!

Other than the activities mentioned above, Banyak Islands is also popular for snorkelling, paddling and obviously sport fishing.

Banyak Islands is still developing, especially after the Tsunami that wiped everything clean back in 2004, it is safe to say that you will have high chances to have a whole, unpopulated island all to yourself. Surf, paddle or camp till you drop. So, what are you waiting for!? Come over to Banyak Islands today!

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