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Tips for Taking a Summer Trip to Japan

by Brian Klais

The summertime in Japan is a time of celebration and mirth. The weather is hot and humid, so the dress becomes colorful and light and the fabulous fans come out. Street festivals and parades are common and the food and drink flows in many cities and villages. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Japan at some point during this summer, the following tips can help you to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Take a Private Jet

Taking a private jet into Japan can help you get your vacation started out right. No need to wait for long lines at the airport or worry about having to rush for connector flights in an unfamiliar country. Hopping on a Palm Beach jet charter can help you start your vacation the minute you reach the airport. You can enjoy luxurious accommodations and tasty gourmet food while flying, and then arrive in Japan ready to see the sites and experience the rich culture.

Bring Slip-On Shoes

Many places do not allow shoes indoors in Japan, so wearing slip-on shoes can make life much easier. Since the summer is hot, it is best to avoid heavy footwear and socks that will become wet, anyway. It is important to make sure that shoes are comfortable as well as easy to remove, however, as you are bound to be walking a lot while exploring the beautiful country.


Pack Very Light

Traveling through Japan is best done using the shinkansen, or bullet trains, and trams. The trains and trams available may or may not have space to accommodate luggage, so traveling light can ease the stress considerably. Japan is also renowned for the high quality products and shopping available, so it is better to have space to accommodate new purchases to bring back home.

Taste the Local Seasonal Fare

Each season in Japan ushers in unique cuisine and summer introduces several noteworthy dishes. Kakigori is shaved ice with flavorings and toppings that can help to cool you off after perusing the shops and site-seeing. Many summer dishes are also prepared using cold noodles flavored with sauces and served with different meats, hard boiled eggs, and vegetables. While the festival fare often consists of skewers and fried dishes, the flavorings will make the treats a one-of-a-kind experience.

Witness O-bon

O-bon is a festival during which the Japanese honor their ancestors. The tradition takes place during July and August, depending on the locale. Lanterns are hung in front of houses, a dance called Bon-odori is performed, food is left at temples, and other customs take place that may vary from place to place. O-bon is one of the major holidays in Japan, so witnessing this celebration can really give you insight into the Japanese culture while giving you an amazing vacation experience.

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