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 Which Illnesses are Covered by Travel Insurance?

by Brian Klais
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A traveler insurance plan covers a variety of hazards that people may encounter while travelling, whether domestically or abroad. To learn if medical risks are covered by travel insurance coverage, keep reading this article.

People may decide to travel for a variety of reasons, including business and education as well as leisure and visiting a friend. Even though these journeys might be exciting and eagerly anticipated, it is possible to get into difficulties, get into an accident, or lose your belongings. People can travel more comfortably and with greater confidence if they look into and are aware of the financial protection offered by a travel insurance policy.

Tata AIG offers some of the best-suited travel insurance with medical cover plans for international trips. Such a travel medical insurance plan can offer the reimbursement of medical costs resulting from accidents or unforeseen illnesses that were not anticipated during a trip abroad. So, how does it actually work? Find out below!

 Travel and Health Insurance – What’s the Deal?

A traveler’s peace of mind is what travel insurance is intended to give. It includes many risks that a person encounters throughout their journey, from takeoff to landing. For many people, being sick before or during a trip is a regular concern. And hence, a robust travel health insurance can be of great help.

The best part is that most reputed travel insurance includes medical assistance these days. Here is a list of typical health expenses that travel insurance policies cover –

  • Medical Treatment – If the policyholder is injured or needs medical attention for a condition, the company will pay for the associated costs and medication.
  • Hospitalisation Charges – All associated costs of hospitalisation, including ambulance fees, will be covered by the insurance company in the event that the policyholder’s health deteriorates to the extent that hospitalisation is necessary.
  • Emergency Evacuation – Emergency repatriation expenses, including the cost of an air ambulance, will be compensated fully.
  • Extended Accommodation – The insurer would cover a prolonged stay brought on by an illness or injury.

The majority of market-available travel insurance plans include coverage for medical costs incurred while travelling abroad. Costs associated with blood tests, x-rays, and other pathological testing are typically reimbursed, albeit they do not cover pre-existing conditions. The policyholder may also use cashless hospitalisation services based on the insurance provider’s network of hospitals in that nation.

 Travel and Health Insurance

What Medical Conditions Would Affect the Travel Plan?

Medical issues, which are typically categorised as pre-existing medical disorders, have an impact on travel insurance. They consist of conditions, illnesses, and/or health hazards that could result in future medical emergencies. Below is a look at some of the more prevalent medical disorders –

  • Those who recently had surgery or an organ transplant.
  • Terminal illnesses like cancer, HIV, and AIDS, among others.
  • Medical conditions that could soon necessitate hospitalisation or surgery.
  • Medical issues that necessitate regular trips to a doctor’s chamber or hospital.

The medical issues that can have an impact on a policy for those looking to purchase travel insurance must be understood. There are many different pre-existing medical diseases that one may be aware or unaware of, and one may already have or may plan to obtain a curative operation to deal with.

Insurance companies, like Tata AIG, will take into account this data and then understand the risks related to a potential policyholder’s medical nature that might be exaggerated while they travel, which can increase both the costs incurred for medical care as well as the discomfort caused to the said individuals and their travelling companions.


People are encouraged to make sure that a travel insurance policy covers medical expenses before purchasing one. Always choose a travel insurance package that includes international medical coverage. In this regard, the travel international insurance online calculator from Tata AIG can come in handy.

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