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Don’t Waste Money – Look for Cheap Airport Parking at Melbourne

by Brian Klais

When you are looking to reduce parking expenses while at Melbourne airport, you will find a lot of options. With so many independent parking services in the Tullamarine area, you can actually find cheap airport parking Melbourne that will cost you only half of what you would pay at the long-term parking areas at the airport. And, you there are free shuttle service that will take you to the airport and back!


How much you pay depends on how long you stay. When you have quick stay, you will find the cheap parking, but keep looking for the cheap airport parking when you going on a longer trip. Just because the parking is cheap for an overnight stay does not mean that it will still be cheap for a multi-day, or weekly, holiday.

You will pay an extra premium for undercover parking over what you will pay for open air parking. Before booking any parking, be sure to look at any fees for cancellation or revisions to your reservation in case your travel plans change suddenly.

There are also other services provided at some locations, like getting your car repaired, serviced, or cleaned while you travel. If you want your car to look great and save money while parking it, this is a really “neat” option.

The cheap airport parking Melbourne prices, for day trips, can range from $9 per day to $14 per day for open air parking, to $12 to$16 per day for undercover parking. For overnight trips, prices can range between $18 and $20 per day for open air parking, to $20 to $24 per day for undercover parking. For four nights in open air parking, price is $35 and range from $58 to $64 for undercover parking.

To compare, the options for long term airport parking Melbourne start as high as $39 and go up to $69 for a longer duration, in open air parking. Undercover parking will start at $56 a day, which is still less expensive than the long-stay options for open air parking areas. Two days of open air parking will cost you the same $69 fee as you would pay if only staying for one day. If you want to utilize undercover parking for two days, be ready for a big cost increase! The price rises to $115. For longer stays, for five or more days, prices will begin at $79 and go as high as $140.

To basically force you to want to use the cheaper parking options, airport parking Melbourne prices have been increased by 67% as recently as this week. The biggest increase is seen in the parking that allots for 15-30 minutes, which price was raised to $10 from the original $6. The smallest increase is a 30-60 minute stay, which was raised to $15. If you stay past an hour, a stay that takes over an hour to two hours will now cost you $29 instead of $24.

Without a railway link to and from the airport, the airport can basically charge customers any amount they want, and expect the customer to pay it. Though discounts are offered when booking online, there are cheap airport parking Melbourne options available, and the savings they provide are worth the time you spend on checking for cheaper options. Most of the best options provided at the airport are for short term, so when you need long-term options, it is best to go with the cheaper solutions that are offered.

Of course, there are plenty of parking lots at the airport, but you really should take the time to find the perfect spot, at the perfect price.

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