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Get Ready to Explore Flores Really Soon

by Brian Klais

If you do not have any plan yet on the thing you are supposed to do this summer, or another long holiday, make sure to write explore Flores down on your list. On the very first time, your mind maybe hatched into Komodo dragon, as most people relate Flores as the homeland of Komodo dragons. However, if that’s all the thing you know about Flores, it would be a great opportunity to preserve new memories and begin your enchanted journey to Flores. In Flores, you will be surprised by how amazing the scenery and ambiance are, about how great the local people are to maintain their culture and heritage, as well as how fast your energy replenishment are since the nature and wildlife support to do so. Those are the only little hint you can get from the beautiful Flores Island.

In Flores, there are eight must-visited place you have to add them into your bucket list, such as Komodo National Park which is also listed down as UNESCO’s World Heritage in 1991, Bena and Wae Rebo Village with its attractiveness, or surprised yourself with tri-coloured crater lakes in Kelimutu National Park where you will never find the same in another place. If you want to challenge yourself more, you can visit The Hobbit Liang Bua or Riung 17 Islands, to collect experience as much as you can. Other than that, if you want to learn about Flores more, there are a lot of discoveries you can find. For example, in Flores, there are several local language used by local people, such as Sikka, Lio, Ngada and Nagekeo, Lamaholot, and also Manggarai. In the middle of your journey of explore Flores Indonesia, you can understand that agriculture, fishing, and seaweed production are the main economic activities of local people. By then, you will not only replenish your energy and minds, but also enrich your knowledge with everything you have never heard before.

While enjoying your explore Flores backpacker, there are several activities you have to try, consist of several parts, such as adventure, nature and wildlife, culture and heritage, and also water activity. That is why, since there are a lot of things you have to do, you need to make sure that you are visiting Flores within enough time. For adventures, you can try cycling and mountain biking, you can also try canyon, volcanoes, or hiking and tracking depends on your interest. Doing water activities in Flores are also cool because you can do kayaking, diving and snorkelling, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by the islands and beaches which scattered around the Flores Island. If you have not satisfied enough, you can also choose the nature and wildlife activities, where you can meet with Komodo dragon by pick the Komodo Watching activity. Do you love to pay attention to numerous bird’s species in Flores Island? Well, count yourself in bird watching. All in all, visit Flores Island in your spare time is really a great choice as well you will not only discover new things here, but also discover yourself as a new person, as well.

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