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Vacation Tours for Cyclists

by Brian Klais

With the summer season approaching it’s that inevitable time of year again…vacation time! This time of year we yearn for time away from school, work, and just our daily monotonous lives. Everyone needs time away to disconnect from our technology driven lives. We need a moment to regroup and recharge our batteries. Regardless if you have one or two weeks, or even a month long sabbatical, it’s important that you choose the right vacation so that you return energized.

Are you an avid cyclist? Do you have a dream of travelling abroad for a cycling adventure? With the right planning, you can take this one off your bucket list! The basics of travel, including airline flights, transfers, accommodations and tours will need to be addressed in an addition to identifying cycling programs. The options are limitless. That may make your planning both daunting and exciting. Follow these tips from the professionals and you can cycle your way into the sunset on a trip of a lifetime!


Decide on your timeframe. Will this be a summer or fall excursion?  Do you want to bike solo or with a partner? Do you want to join an organized tour for a group or enlist a private guide?  Decide on these issues before exploring booking options. If you’ve never been on a cycling trip, it’s best to either go with an established tour group or hire a private cycling guide.  If you hire a private guide, make sure you check all references and referrals. Does this individual work through an agency or is he/she an independent? If you have visions of cycling through the streets of Amsterdam or vineyards of Southern France, make sure you select a cycling guide well versed and travelled in these areas.   If your intent is to rent a bike for your tour, make sure you know exactly the type and brand of boke that will be offered. This could be the worst surprise. If you plan to bring your own bike, make sure you check with the airline on any special pricing or packaging necessary for including your bike on your flight.

If you’re not already in great physical shape, there’s no time to get started like the present. A cycling trip is definitely an endurance test. Just make sure that you do some light training before going all out. Some routine daily cardio prior to taking your trip will do wonders for your entire body. In addition to cycling at home, hit the gym for a crossfit class. These classes are a great way to expand your lung capacity and strengthen your heart for the upcoming trip. You’ll want to be in great shape to fully enjoy your trip and lower the risk of injury. Have a grand time!


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