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Three Common Road Trip Myths Debunked

by Brian Klais

Road trips are fun and adventurous. It is not always the case that a road trip has to be small, and in fact, even a trip that requires 10 to 12 hours driving is simply worth. However, there are some myths that have long associated with road trip. This article talks about 3 road trip myths debunked.

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It is a well known fact that everyone loves road trips. There’s nothing that can parallel packing the backpack and quickly getting into the vehicle and head out on an excursion to explore new destinations. Road trips are somewhat different from the drive to work that you do on a daily basis, and the vehicle is obviously the most essential piece of your road trips. Security, efficiency and maintenance, are all key to an ideal road trip. India being a large nation and comprising of urban cities and towns that have superb road connectivity between them, there exists some wonderful and fun road trips. One of the regularly taken routes is the road linking Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The distance is around 527 km and it takes a decent 10 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance. Whether you like to sit behind the steering wheels and enjoy the journey driving or if you seek a little luxury and decide to cover the journey in a Mumbai to Ahmedabad taxi, it is certain that your journey will be nothing less than fun and memorable. Plus, the other popular road trips in India includes Manali to Leh, Mumbai to Pune, Shimla to Manali, Visakhapatnam to Araku, etc.

However, it is also true that road trips and myths that are often associated with it have gone hand in hand for a long time. So here’s is a list of certain road trip myths that needs to be clearing your doubts of whether to take a road trip or not.

Since you will eat at different places on the road, so you will spend more

While the belief might be true, but it is not always the case. Planning ahead and packing the meals for the journey will certainly prove the belief untrue. Not only one can save some penny but carrying meal from your home is quite healthy. For drinks, one can manage with simply water, and on the off chance, that you require something to stay awake a bottle full of coffee will simply do the task. In the event that you are travelling during summer, you can carry along a little freezer or cooler to keep the water and different beverages chilled.

Short road trips are the only road trips that are feasible

Numerous individuals can’t possibly imagine themselves sitting in a car for more than 2 hours. While that may be the case, it is simply worth to try to explore. Make a long separation trip more fun by including small towns that you can visit along the way. It doesn’t generally need to be a “A to B” trip. Appreciate the excursion as you might never know what you might run into!

The road trip is too uncomfortable

The fact doesn’t need to be true in all the cases! You can carry your favorite pillows and blanket along. The blankets also work as perfect curtains in case you need to change. It is advisable that if you are embarking a road trip wear your sweatpants or PJs and wear flip flops or shoes that are not to hard to remove. If you do that, your trip is always a bit more comfortable.

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