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Best Places to Go On a Honeymoon

by Brian Klais

Your honeymoon is meant to be the most romantic vacation of your life. Celebrating your new marriage is something that should make you and your new spouse happy and relaxed. When couples are choosing their honeymoon destination there are certain ones that are chosen over and over again for good reason.

One great destination for a honeymoon is Santori, located in Greece. With its various bright and sunny beaches containing distinct red and black sand, Santori offers a honeymoon experience like nowhere else on earth can. In fact, it is also a popular location for destination weddings with many couples packing up the dress and rings to fly ahead of time to pick up things like sparklers for the wedding ceremony and decorations for the reception hall. It is an especially fun destination for couples who can appreciate its archaeology. One must see stop is Manolas, a city in Thirassia where you have to climb ancient stairs to access it. Once you’ve arrived at the top of the steps you will be treated to an amazing view of a pool of turquoise shaded water. This pool of water marks the center of the islets that make up the area. Aside from the various islets there are also two main islands, Thirassia is where you will find the biggest concentration of people throughout Santori. Two of Santoni’s major towns are in the Thirassia.

For a truly tropical honeymoon destination you can’t beat Maui. There is a reason that so many couples choose this destination. Whether you and your new spouse are adventurous or more laid back you will find that Maui has something to offer. For an exciting, exhilarating experience in Maui you can check out the Haleakala volcano on a hike and if you want a more laid back and relaxing experience you can enjoy soaking up the sun on the many luxury beaches Maui has to offer. Parks and luaus should also be part of your honeymoon experience to truly get a feel for this honeymoon destination favorite.


Other Hawaiian islands that make for a romantic honeymoon include Kauai, which may be a better choice if you want to slow down and smell the roses on your honeymoon. Kauai is much less crowded than other Hawaiian islands, so if you are looking for an isolated experience Kauai is the way to go.

If you and your spouse crave all things Italian, Venice is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. There are plenty of honeymoon statistics that show Italy to be one of the most romantic cities to have your honeymoon. Nicknamed the “City of Water,” your Venice honeymoon experience will ideally include a romantic ride for two on one of the city’s many gondolas. Taking a water taxi through the Grand Canal may turn out to be one of the most romantic experiences of your life. The many tour guides in the city can give you an insider look at all the highlights of this classic honeymoon vacation.

For a small island experience Bora Bora is another of the best places to go on a honeymoon. Though it’s pricy the view you will have will make it well worth the money. With activities such as snorkeling and various towns within Bora Bora itself you won’t find a better honeymoon destination in any other place.

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