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Top five best travel destination in Central America

by Brian Klais

The link land area between South America continent and North America continent, Central America comprises area of seven small countries. All these seven countries are very small in area to be skipped on the world map.Central America has beaches as heaven, wildlife, culture and active volcanoes. Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize are some of the countries listed as the best tourist place. By acquiring ESTA Visa you can visit several popular places of America.

  1. Panama City

Panama City is the capital of Panama and is the largest city. City looks gorgeous with the sky touching buildings constructed with the greenery around. Prosperity of the Panama city made it best traveling destination.Panama canals are the top rated place to visit.With ESTA Visa you can travel to this amazing destination and have a fantastic vacation. Cobblestone streets are worth sightseeing. Other than these places, colonial buildings of historic quarters and Casco Viejo are the must visit places. Panama is the symbol of diversity of ethical culture, with number of restaurants, shops of sandwiches and cafes.


  1. Roatan

Roatan is the place with a flavour of relaxation and adventure both. Enjoy scuba diving and cruise ship at the Honduras east coast. Roatan is the prime spot for snorkelling. Watch dolphins dancing over beats.Swim paddle-board and fishing. Roatan has the magic of greenery. Adventures activities like rafting, horse riding and exploring caves can be experienced in Roatan. Breathe with nature; delight your heart with waterfalls and wildlife. You can flavour your tongue with variety of dishes and international cuisines.

  1. Monteverde cloud forest reserve

These forest reserves are enriched with animals, reptiles and birds. Traverse the mountain ranges of central Costa Rica. Natural beauty of the Monteverde cloud forest reserve attracts tourists to probe the biodiversity. In addition to beautiful flowers and butterflies, waterfall makes it a perfect picture of paradise. You can ride horses, you can sky walk on bridges suspended and can adventure over the trees. Wildlife species like porcupines and rare resplendent quetzal.

  1. Tikal

During classical period, Tikal was the Mayan civilization’s largest city. Tikal had the river bounds around it which makes it geographically favourable for becoming a political, religious and trade centre in ancient days. Tikal is located in Northern Guatemala. You can see architectural pieces and monuments of ancient days. There is array of pyramids in Tikal, with a largest pyramid Tikal IV. You can admire the water reservoirs in ancient Tikal. Extraordinary carving and temples with high towers will attract you. If you are interested to take a look of ancient city, go for Tikal. As per US immigration laws it is essential to have ESTA Visaif you desire to travel any of the destinations in America.

  1. Granada

Granada is also an ancient city of the country. Granada has its historical important. You can see mirroring image of Spanish wealth preserved with care. City’s history is well framed in the museums and art galleries. Granada has the production culture of chocolates and cigars. Holiday destinations with greenery, cafes and restaurants can be seen in Granada. You can hike volcanoes and waterfalls in Granada. People who love nightlife can enjoy pubs, clubs and bars- grills. Yu can buy master-pieces of handicraft and architecture of forts. You can travel through the city by horse driven carriage which will multiply your fun.

Make use of ESTA Visa and travel to aforesaid amazing destinations!

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