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Top 5 places to visit India during winter

by Brian Klais

Winters are pleasurable in India

Winters are the best to go for a vacation and have a look at the fireplace and enjoy the hot cup of tea. Winters are also the time for many festivals and are the time when you feel full of spirit. Winter is the best time to go for vacation with family and India has many winter destinations that should not be missed. Winters make travelling easier and pleasurable. In winter specifically December is the best time to visit India.

  1. Auli


One of the best destinations to visit in India during winter is Auli. Auli is a part of Uttarakhand and the valley is famous for skiing. The valley contains great skiing slopes. It has gained popularity more than the famous places like shimla and manali. So if you are looking for the skiing destination then Auli is suitable. The facilities like resorts, skiing equipments, training, food, etc is available at the destination. Travelguru is the largest hotel network and provides the online hotel booking facility to make your holiday more special. On top of that the Yatra coupons are available which can save you money.

  1. Lachen


Lachen is situated in Sikkim and is at a height of 2750 meters. It is town which is completely covered with snow in winters and seems like the place similar to those that we see in the fairytales. The place covers treks such as the Gurudongmar Lake and the chopta valley and is a good place for those who love photography. All the facilities such as place to reside, food and much more is available at the destination.

  1. Jodhpur


Jodhpur is a city in Rajasthan and is usually known as the Sun City and Blue city. Jodhpur is famous for the forts, palaces and temples which are rich in terms of history. The city is on the shore of Thar Desert and so it is sometimes possible to get a view of the lives of desert folks. The temperature and the places to roam around make Jodhpur the best place to visit in winter. All the basic facilities such as living, all types of food, transportation are easily available at the destination.

  1. Great Rann of Kutch


The great Rann of Kutch is situated in Gujarat and the place is very hot n summers. So winter is the best time to visit the place. The temperature in Kutch falls below 0 degree in winter. The place gives you the feeling of happiness and makes the environment like it was in older times. You can have the traditional feeling at the place and the government has also organized the Rann utsav which is a must see thing. You can use the Expedia coupons for making your visit more memorable by saving money.

  1. Kovalam


Kovalam is a beach in Kerala and the place is famous for coconut trees. The place has crescent of 3 beaches and the beach is enjoyable during the winters. The place is not overcrowded like other places in India and contains all the necessary facilities like resorts, different varieties of foods and transportation.

Enjoy winter in India

India is famous for many destinations during winter. You can get all types of destinations like beaches, valleys, snow, etc in India and enjoy the vacation. Moreover the weather supports the natural beauty that India contains.

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