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Top Considerations for Choosing Your Jet Management Firm

by Brian Klais
Jet Management Firm

Owning an aircraft does not mean that you also have to own your own hangar and be an expert in aircraft mechanics. With the right jet management firm on your side, you can park your prized possession in a proper hangar—because they’ll have the correct hangarkeepers’ insurance and you can rest easy knowing that all of your other aircraft needs are being taken care of by highly trained professionals. Before you settle on a jet management firm, be sure to take the following factors into consideration, however.

Support Services Offered

Owning an aircraft can get complicated. Things like aircraft insurance selection, airworthiness  certification, regulations and permits needed to fly in other countries, and tax filing and calculation can become difficult to manage when you try to do it on your own. The best jet management firms will provide a high level of support for managing these details. The truly one of a kind jet management firms will even help you get a discount on aircraft insurance and schedule appointments for any needed certifications.

Maintenance Services Included

Aircraft maintenance is the single greatest expense that most jet owners face. In many cases, aircraft parts must be special ordered and installed by mechanics that are specifically trained to maintain your brand of aircraft. A great jet management firm will take all of the stress out of aircraft maintenance by handling all needs so that your aircraft is always airworthy and ready to go when you need it.

Jet Management Firm

Of course, it is also important to make sure that the firm has your best interests at heart and is looking to obtain the best deals. Aircraft parts and fuel can be expensive; jet management firms can help you save money by negotiating and extending high-volume discounts.

Crew Support Services

Jet management firms can be especially helpful when it comes to hiring a crew. The professionals at jet management firms often have extensive connections in the field, which can help you to get in touch with some of the best staff in the business. Some jet management firms will also do background checks and drug testing to help you hire the crew that is right for you and your craft.

Convenience and Affordability

Last but not least, convenience and affordability must be considered when selecting a jet management firm. If the price point or payment terms are unrealistic, all of the services that are offered are out of reach. The most accommodating aircraft management firms extend credit so that your needs can be taken care of immediately, but payment is not required immediately. Ideally, the company should regularly report to you so that you are always aware of all expenses and savings.

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