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Visit the Wine Regions of Australia by Taking Wine Tours

by Brian Klais

Australia is known for having some of the best wines in the world and if you are a wine connoisseur, one of the best ways to experience them is to go on a wine tour. There are more than 60 wine regions in the country so it could be hard to choose which ones to visit. You can choose which part of the country you are visiting or by the type of wine you like to drink.

Barossa tours from Adelaide

Australian Wines

The best known Australian wines include Shirazes that are grown in South Australia, Chardonnays from the Margaret River wine region, Grenaches from McLaren Vale and Rieslings from Eden Valley. Shirazes are among the most widely grown wines in Australia and there are several vineyards among the different wine regions that offer the vintage.

South Australia Wineries

For visitors to the country, South Australia is filled with wineries as it is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia. Along with exploring wineries, there are many gourmet food offerings in the region for those who enjoy the taste of both good food and good wine. Barossa tours from Adelaide will take you to the Barossa Valley wine region which boasts of over 150 vineyards.

Shiraz is one of the most popular wines in the region and it is known for its special Barossa Shiraz because of its chocolate and spicy notes. However, the region is also home to Riesling, Chardonnay, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, among others.

One of the Barossa Valley wineries, Jacob’s Creek, is the largest exporter of wine located in the valley. The vineyard is well known for their wines all around the world. Many of the wineries in the Barossa Valley have wines that are well known outside of Australia. While the region is well known for old world charm, their wines and food, tour groups do not just focus on wine.

Tours of Barossa Valley

Tours of the region are available by many modes of transportation. You can tour Barossa Valley in a vintage car, take a motorbike tour, try a hot air balloon tour or go by helicopter if you are really adventurous. Many tours that originate from nearby Adelaide also visit the wooden toy factory at Gumeracha and the Whispering Wall in Williamstown. Along the way, tourists may get the chance to feed kangaroos that live in the area.

Of course wine tasting is always a part of any tour you take in a wine region and you will taste some of the best wines in the world when you visit the wineries in Australia. While you can take daily tours of many of the regions, there are other tours that last several days and allow you to see more of South Australia.

If you want to see the many sites of Australia and enjoy some great food and wine, then taking a wine tour is the best way to do so. Just choose the region where your favourite Aussie wine is made to tour.

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