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Safety Travel Tips For Pregnant Women

by Brian Klais

This article is important because pregnancy is a delicate subject. Anything can happen to ruin everything when you’re trying to have a good time. You especially need to be careful with traveling. Anything can upset your pregnancy and make it horrible. Some of the scary things that can go wrong while you are traveling are,


Water Breaking (Airplane)

True Labour

Here are some steps you can take to make your traveling more safe.

 8 Steps that make pregnant traveling safer!


 The following eight steps will give you a better idea on what to expect and what to bring when you travel pregnant.

Consult your healthcare provider first (if you have one). Do this step to make sure that you are already having a safe pregnancy with no complications and are safe to travel to wherever it may be and however you may get there.

Consider your prenatal test schedule (if you have one). You need to think about possible important tests you many have coming up that may help you baby or pregnancy. Maybe it wouldn’t be the best thing if you missed some of these important appointments. So make your travel plans when you don’t have a lot going on.

Get together your health records and vital information. You will need this if anything horrific was to happen. If you go into labour and get rushed to the nearest hospital it will be a lot faster if you have all of this information that way there are not too many questions flying around and things get mixed up. Then bad decisions can be made and bad things can happen.

Make sure you have all your medications you may need. Many pregnant women take prenatal to give their baby all the vitamins they need. Some women need other medications that they need to take that will help their pregnancy run more smoothly. It is very important to remember to bring these very important medications/vitamins.

Check your health insurance policy! You need to make sure it covers pregnancy complications that may happen when you travel, especially if you’re going to foreign countries.

Buy travel insurance, this special insurance covers expenses if you miss all or part of your trip, or run up emergency expenses on the road. Make sure the policy covers pregnancy complications as well as emergency medical transport from your chosen destination(s).

Really prepare for the unexpected!! You should always carry a cell phone and have the numbers to car repair services and airlines in case anything comes up and you need to change a flat or reschedule a flight because you think you’re labour.

If you’re in your third trimester and your flying, check your airlines policies. Some airlines have policies about pregnant flying and will not let you fly.

Rules for travelling to Abroad

Those steps will make your travel much safer and give you a peace of mind when traveling while pregnant. Also if you are planning on traveling to abroad make sure you obtain an ESTA Visa, you will need one of these to travel here. Here are the steps to get one.

Go to website and apply for your Visa.

You will need to enter all of your information as a citizen of your country.

Then once it is received it will automatically be electronically sent and set up with your passport.

 If you follow this article you will have a great, safe travel while you’re expecting your baby!

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